5 Reasons to Stay in Bed - President's Day Weekend

by Kalle Simpson February 11, 2016

5 Reasons to Stay in Bed - President's Day Weekend

1. Netflix and Chill

Celebrating America’s forefathers also coincides with paying homage to your bae. And, what better way to do both than knock out a few patriotic docs (i.e: Showtime’s new The Circus or season premiere of VICE) while canoodling with that special someone. 

cold as ballz

2. Cold as Ballz

Punxsutawney Phil couldn't locate his shadow, but the weather forecast is showing no sign of an early Spring this weekend. Which means Uber surge pricing, the need for way too many accessories, and an insatiable desire for Kiehl's. Take shelter from it all and stay in bed.

cash flow hangover is real

3. The Cash Flow Struggle is Real

It seemed like a good idea to treatyoself and your loved ones during the season of giving until those credit card bills rolled in. Grandpa Bernie is promising a future of freebies, but in the interim we recommend budget friendly zones like your bed.

No pants required

4. No Pants Required

It’s not just your wallet that is suffering, your waist line is probably also feeling the pain from living YOLO style. But, remember your pants will never feel too tight if you don’t wear any.


5. FOMO from the NIGHT Pillow

The only issue with the NIGHT Pillow is you never want to leave it. And, we can’t blame you. So, capitalize on the holiday weekend with some extra QT at NIGHT’s favorite place…your bed.

Kalle Simpson
Kalle Simpson


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