Why NIGHT is your Best Bet for Father’s Day

by NIGHT squad June 10, 2018

Why NIGHT is your Best Bet for Father’s Day

Because Dads deserve to sleep and look better too. When we set out to make the best, most beneficial sleep products on the market, we wanted to make sure everyone could use them, including the fellas. NIGHT products prioritize comfort, and sleek style, so your Dad will feel super cool with a gift from us.

1. Because Dads love to Nap

Who’s ever met a Dad who didn’t like to snooze, or snore, on the couch after a long day or watching sports?

Try this: 

The NIGHT Pillow

With a solidly “man-approved” design, the NIGHT pillow is the OG Father’s Day gift, giving your dad years of nights for better sleep. The airlight memory foam pillow provides #themost comfort and support, while the silk pillowcase keeps that receding hairline at bay.


2. Because his Hair May Need Help 

We can’t expect our dad’s to know what looks good on them, or to take time out of their busy lives to mess with their hair. Do your dad a favor and help his locks lie a little flatter.

Get this:

NIGHT TriSilk Pillowcase

We know your dad might be a little hesitant to change out his whole bedtime routine, so help him ease into it with this NIGHT pillowcase. It fits any-sized pillow, and will help papa’s locks glide smoothly throughout the night, so he’ll wake up looking a little younger.


3. Because Dad is forever young 

So help him look it. The number one thing that gives away someone’s age? Tired eyes. The old school remedy is freezing a couple of spoons and placing them under your eyes to help reduce swelling, but we can’t count on dad to make the effort.

So cop this:

NIGHT TriSilk Eye Mask with Cooling Gel

Help your dad look a little more rested, while still staying #manly. The black silk is NIGHT signature formula, and unlike any other eye mask in existence, it includes a removable gel pack that can be chilled in the fridge before use to de-swell tired eyes. No more frozen spoons, thanks. 


NIGHT squad
NIGHT squad


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