Finally a Presidential Candidate You Can Be Comfortable With

by Kalle Simpson September 22, 2016

Finally a Presidential Candidate You Can Be Comfortable With

Here at Discover NIGHT HQ, we all about making this world a more comfortable place. So, you can understand our concern with how uncomfortable America is with the current Presidential options.

The consensus is simple: we need a candidate that stands for the comfort and support of the American people.

Which got us thinking, who does that better than the NIGHT Pillow? And, don’t worry birthers, the NIGHT Pillow was born right here in the U. S. of A.

We’re convinced that aside from the age and living human prerequisites, the NIGHT Pillow is just what America needs.

Here’s how the NIGHT Pillow weighs in on the hot topic issues.

  • Planned Parenthood-
    • The NIGHT pillow is no stranger to sleeping around so it understands the importance of Planned Parenthood.
  • Marijuana Legalization-
    • The NIGHT pillow appreciates marijuana for its sleep-inducing qualities. So, it takes a “do you” strategy here.
  • Foreign Policy-
    • Mexico-
      • The NIGHT pillow loves all that hails from Mexico.. especially siestas and tequila.
    • Mideast-
      • The NIGHT pillow is convinced it can relax any tensions.
    • China –
      • Some of the finest exports come from China, like the Mulberry silk fabrication in the NIGHT Pillow's TriSilk pillowcase. So, the NIGHT Pillow understands the importance of good trade relations.
    • Gay Rights-
      • The NIGHT Pillow supports whoever you choose to sleep with.
    • Gun Rights-
      • The NIGHT Pillow is not into violence. #softy
    • Healthcare -
      • The NIGHT Pillow supports sleeping more as it's a proven way to proactively manage health risk and cut healthcare spending.
    • Diversity-
      • As the only black pillow in an industry of whites, the NIGHT Pillow understands the struggle is real.
    • Budget and Economy-
      • The NIGHT Pillow supports economic growth and keeping more money in your you can buy more NIGHT Pillows! : ) 

Kalle Simpson
Kalle Simpson


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John Rallis
John Rallis

September 22, 2016

Well done!!

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