How to Beat Morning Shame

by Caitlin Collins September 15, 2016

How to Beat Morning Shame

There are few beauty blunders worse than rolling over in the morning to find your pillowcase wearing your makeup from the night before. A trail of mascara—shame. Blotches of foundation—shame. Maybe even some lipstick—shame. On top of that, you slowly approach the mirror only to find what you suspected- Heath Ledger’s depiction of The Joker staring back at you. Although at NIGHT we consider ourselves in a perpetual judgment free zone, we still want you waking up feeling like your best self, ready to crush life. And that morning shame just isn’t a good look, for you or your pillow.

Here are a five tips to ensure morning shame never gets you down again.

  1. Work that pre-cleanse for what it’s worth.

Don’t let your precious skin turn into a dry, cakey mess overnight. Use a cleansing towelette before you wash your face normally. Add a few drops of water to the towelette if it isn’t easily gliding over your skin. The towelettes are great for the places that are easily missed with a normal wash, like around the hairline and jawline/upper neck. After a good rub down, wash your face normally. Try these Garnier towelettes.  

  1. Show the eyes some extra attention.

Because raccoon eyes aren't helping your beauty game. Soak two cotton rounds with a delicate cleanser or makeup remover. I love Yonka Cleansing Makeup Remover. Take a minute to lay down and let the cotton rounds rest on your closed eyes like two cucumber slices. Give them a gentle rub as you remove the rounds and wash the rest of your face normally.

  1. Step up that lip service.

We love a lipstick that can last the night, but sometimes it can’t take the hint when it’s really time to go...leaving you with flaky chapped lips in the morning. Although it is ideally used before lipstick application, a lip scrub can also help remove a deep color. Plus a little exfoliation in the process never hurt anybody. Give Tarte Lip Facial Lip Scrub a try.

  1. Lean in for the extra effort.

Never underestimate the power of Vaseline and a Q-tip; even when you think the job is done. Rub a thin layer of Vaseline around your eyes (key word being around, not in) and on your lips. Let it sit for about 20 seconds. Then use a Q-tip to delicately wipe it off. Take in the satisfaction of seeing what the Q-tip is able to pick up.

  1. Make your pillow your BFF.

Only a NIGHT Pillow has your back on those nights that a full cleansing routine just isn’t in the cards. The TriSilk pillowcase moisturizes your skin and repels residue build up.  The signature black hue keeps your sleep surface looking fresh. Just remove the pillowcase the next day, wash it in a gentle load and your secret is safe with NIGHT.

Caitlin Collins
Caitlin Collins


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October 23, 2019

Seems a pity to use this kind of headline about how somebody wakes up looking naturally in the morning. I understand it’s meant comically (or I hope it is!) but seems to be part of this whole cultural “you’re not OK as you are, you need something extra to make yourself acceptable” thing.
Just saying! thanks for listening xx

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