Summer Campaign Showdown

by NIGHT squad June 27, 2018

Summer Campaign Showdown

It all started at a weekly marketing meeting. What is our next marketing campaign going to be? we asked. When the team couldn’t choose, we decided it was time for a showdown.

To work at NIGHT you have to be a super passionate person, but three key members of the NIGHT team got that extra fuega. This week, they each wanted to launch a different promotion, and since we couldn’t tell which one might work better, we thought what the fack - let's try all three. 

So between June 27-29, we’ll push one marketing play a day to our entire community - each one personally supported by a NIGHT team member. We think this is a pretty good opportunity to share what we as individuals care about, and give our audience some sweet perks for being just so awesome. 


The Campaigns:


Day 1: Pillows or Pizza

Backer: Kalle Simpson

Title: Co-Founder

Premise: Buy any product, Get a Free Pizza

When we say Kalle Loves pizza, we mean she really, really loves pizza. And, although she's an equal opportunity gal – she’s got a special place in her heart for Dominos. She’s a firm believer that a thin crust with a side of cheesy bread and lava cake can make any situation in life better. And, hopes to share this bliss through her marketing initiative - purchase any product from the NIGHT website on June 27, 2018, and we’ll send you a $15 Domino’s gift card. We’re not kidding.


Day 2: Sleep for a Cause

Backer: Tenlie Mourning

Title: Creative

Premise: Buy any product, Donate $15 to DirectRelief

Called the “Magic - Maker” Tenlie is NIGHT’s resident millennial. She thinks that since NIGHT is all about sleeping and looking better, we should do something better. That’s why she proposes a cause marketing campaign in support of DirectRelief. Rated with a perfect, 100/100, score on CharityWatch, DirectRelief provides medical programs and disaster relief to all 50 states and 80 countries worldwide. It stands behind values of serving all, without regard to race, politics, religion, or ability to pay. Buy any product on the NIGHT website, and we’ll give them 15 bucks in your honor. 

Day 3: Benefit our BFFs 

Backer: Isaac Oppenheimer

Title: Co-Founder

Premise: For those who have already purchased from NIGHT, $15 off

Co-Founder and customer service champion, Isaac wants to benefit the NIGHT squad. If you didn’t already know, we just launched a TriSilk™ Eye Mask with Cooling Gel and he thinks we should share it with everyone who’s previously supported NIGHT. To be fair, it is the only eye mask on the market that completely blocks light form If you’ve joined the NIGHT squad prior to June 28, 2018, you’ll get $15 off our favorite new product. 

This week has some #sweet perks coming the way of our customers, and no matter which you choose to support, you’ll definitely be making an impact.

1…. 2….3…GO!




NIGHT squad
NIGHT squad


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