The NIGHT Pillow™ Ends the Gender Divide

by Kalle Simpson October 17, 2016

The NIGHT Pillow™ Ends the Gender Divide

Did you know that women are behind 94% of purchases for the home, including pillows?! We are all about that girl power, but at NIGHT HQ we believe men deserve a say as well. And, our research shows they are interested.  

Here are five reasons why the NIGHT Pillow™ is all about that “no man left behind” mentality:

1. Comfort First:

We developed the NIGHT Pillow™ after a decade in the sleep industry. And, our number one priority was to make an absurdly comfortable pillow. The other benefits are icing on top of the really fcking comfortable cake. Every gender (man, woman, other) can appreciate that.

2. Easiest Way to Look Fresh:

Whether it's trying to keep that bald spot from showing, that beard irritation in control, or just avoid adult acne, men have beauty needs as well! And, instead of satisfying these needs at estrogen-centric places (Sephora, the spa, etc.), we think guys may prefer the comfort of their beds. 

3. “Man Approved” Design Options:

Our co-founder, Isaac, is a manly man (at least for the sake of this article). So, when creating design options, we made sure they accommodate dudes as well. Isaac’s pick? The wood grain border. Designed for a man who requires a much needed rest after a day of chopping logs and drinking Single Malt on the dock.

4. No Strings Attached:

Boys understand that it’s hard to commit even if you’re sleeping together. That's why we've got them covered with a “No Strings Attached” policy, which includes a 101 night sleep trial. Sleep with NIGHT for 101 nights. If you aren’t into it, return the pillow for a full refund. No questions, no annoying texts, or dirty stares from friends across the bar.

5. They will Steal Yours Ladies:

 “Dear NIGHT squad –

I am obsessed with my pillow. And, I’m coming back to buy a second one because my hubby/boyfriend won’t stop stealing mine. It’s evident you make a fcking incredible product and it’s only a matter of time before you are all billionaires.”

Yours Truly, A very wise NIGHT customer”

**Disclaimer: This is not an actual email, but a very close representation of the countless emails calls, reviews, social media messages, etc. that we receive.

 So, if you share a bed with a man, avoid a NIGHT-less night. And, double up your purchase upfront. Or, if you’re a man yourself, go ahead and do your part to end the gender divide and #treatyoself. 

Kalle Simpson
Kalle Simpson


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