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  • The “most comfortable pillow in the world,” aka the NIGHT Pillow™, is now the most customizable pillow in the world. With the ability to choose from seven beautiful colors and two memory foam options, the NIGHT Pillow™ provides customized sleep comfort and bedroom style. The “OG” traditional foam core is made from air light memory foam that self-adjusts to support every sleep position. The scoop memory foam core gives you options: one side is traditional foam and the other side features a signature scoop for a lower profile to promote spinal alignment for side/back sleeping.

    The NIGHT Pillow™ comes fully equipped with a NIGHT signature TriSilk™ Pillowcase. Made of couture-grade, luxurious mulberry silk, the smooth surface puts an end to friction, protects your hair from breakage, prevents bedhead and extends your blowouts. The TriSilk™ Pillowcase also has anti-aging benefits, promotes healthy skin and helps to keep wrinkle-causing sleep creases from forming. Show your personal sleep style with these seven colors: white, gunmetal, navy, sky blue, blush, and champagne, and black. This pillowcase features a hidden zipper enclosure for added allergen protection.

    *For pillow orders, please allow an extra 7-14 days for shipping due to COVID-19.

    • Removable and Machine Washable TriSilk™ Pillowcase
    • 90% Mulberry Silk / 10% spandex TriSilk™ pillowcase
    • NIGHT Pillow Memory Foam hypoallergenic polyurethane memory foam fill
    • Standard/Queen: 24 x 5 x 16 inches - 5 pounds
    • King: 32 x 5 x 18 inches - 6 pounds
    • Memory Foam Core
    • Standard/Queen: 20”x26”
    • King: 20”x36”
  • Sleep Benefits:

    The Scoop Memory Foam -,This dual-sided memory foam offers the best of both worlds. With one side offering optimal comfort and support with a self-adjusting traditional foam and the other featuring a custom-designed scoop that helps to support the natural curvature of your neck.

    “OG” Traditional Foam - NIGHT’s original memory foam is lighter, airier and fluffier than any other memory foam on the market. It's designed to self-adjust for the perfect comfort and support-no matter how you sleep.

    Provide wellness support of memory foam with comfort of fill pillow Negates collection of allergens and dust mites on pillow surface.

    Beauty Benefits:

    Fights Breakouts. Did you know your pillow could be bacterially indistinguishable from a toilet seat? And when you sleep on it, that bacteria can clog your pores and cause acne? No thanks. This top quality silk is hypoallergenic and has natural, purified properties that keeps bacteria out so your pores can stay clear, all night long.

    Hydrates Skin + Hair. The NIGHT TriSilk™ pillowcase supports optimal moisture levels for skin and hair due to its natural, non-absorbent benefits. Silk also causes less friction than cotton, which helps to prevent split ends and wrinkles. v

    Increases Efficacy of Beauty Products. Silk is anti-absorbent so you can feel ok spending a little extra on your face creams and serums, knowing it will stay absorbed in your skin (and not your pillow).

  • TriSilk™ Pillowcase

    • Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash.
    • Air dry.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting.
    • Do not bleach.

    While our pillowcases will arrive clean and ready for use, we recommend you launder before sleeping on them as your skin may be accustomed to your specific detergent.

    Memory Foam pillow: Do not machine wash. Spot clean if necessary.


Choose your airlight memory foam core
In an age where we can customize literally everything, why can’t we find pillows customized to support our sleep habits and beauty routine? The average person changes position 12-36 times a night, and yet the vast majority of pillows on the market are not designed to adjust to your body and sleep behavior. That’s why we created the NIGHT Pillow™, made from advanced engineered memory foam to self-adjust to your head and neck, for the perfect comfort and support tailored to how you sleep.
Dream In Color
You asked, we delivered! Our #1 best-selling item, the “OG” NIGHT Pillow™ is now available in SEVEN beautiful colors! You can choose from sky blue, blush, navy, champagne, gunmetal, white, or black (yes, the “OG” hue). Because at NIGHT, we believe sleep is personal, and your style should be too. So go ahead, dream in color.

Discover your beauty sleep

Accommodates all sleep positions
Especially beneficial for stomach sleepers
Ideal if you prefer a medium - firm comfort level
Accommodates all sleep positions
Especially beneficial for back or side sleepers
Ideal if you prefer a soft - medium comfort level

The Benefits

Boosts Healthier, Shinier Hair

Real talk: spending your hard earned money on expensive hair treatments, shampoos and styling products but not investing in your pillow is counter-intuitive. Switch to silk, which is delicate on your hair fibers to prevent breakage and split ends and doesn’t strip your hair of essential oils or moisture. Say goodbye to bedhead and hello to healthier hair by switching to the NIGHT Pillow™. It’s the ultimate way to show your hair some love.

Cheers to Aging Beautifully

At NIGHT, we think the phrase “beauty rest” means more than 8 hours of sleep. Unlike other sleep surface materials (looking at you cotton), silk does not strip your skin of moisture or absorb expensive face creams and serums. And if you struggle with breakouts, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and helps to prevent acne by stopping environmental allergens from settling on your pillow and clogging your pores.


Pillowcase – Machine washable!
Pillow – Spot clean only.
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Care Instructions

Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting. Do Not Bleach.


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