minimizes wrinkles

Minimizes Wrinkles

Because Botox f*ckin hurts. And, sleeping does not. Our technology doesn’t just care for your hair it also assists with hydrating your skin cells, which helps prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

supports clear skin

Supports Clear Skin

Because High School is over and so should be your acne. Ever wonder why you wake up with a breakout? Look no further than your shitty pillow. By repelling the pollutants that typically collect on your sleep surface, the NIGHT Pillow™ will help keep breakouts and blemishes to a minimum.

improves effectiveness of facecreams

Improves the effectiveness of facecreams

Because $200 face creams should work. Be honest, are you really seeing results with your intense nightly beauty routine? Maybe you would if you slept on the NIGHT Pillow™, which wicks absorption and helps distribute the creams for improved results and more bang for that (big) buck!

healthier and shinier hair

Healthier, Shinier Hair

Because you deserve the most out of that blowout! Our advanced engineered Trisilk cover causes fewer split ends and helps alleviate annoying bedhead by providing optimal moisture levels all night long.

prevents hairloss

Prevents Hair Loss

Because every little bit counts. Guys, since there’s still no Instagram filter to cover up that bald spot, you better think twice about how you are sleeping. Our delicate fabrication gently interacts with your hair fibers to alleviate nightly breakage; keeping your looks as young as your spirit.

stimulates melatonin

Stimulates Melatonin

Because the tired look does nothing for your dating profile. Not all sleep is created equal. Heightened levels of melatonin provide for the most restful type. Our signature black cover is intelligently designed to negate light, which would otherwise interrupt your body’s natural optimization of this key hormone.



Because gluten isn’t your only hidden danger. Both our memory foam and natural Trisilk™ fabrication repels allergens in the environment to promote overall health and wellness.

customized comfort

Customized Comfort

Because pilates isn't the only thing you can do for your neck and spine. Our exceptional memory foam formulation self-adjusts to each individual to provide the ideal balance between support and comfort.

get laid

Get Laid

Because we all want the same thing. And, who can resist you when you look your hottest, have more energy and a NIGHT Pillow™ in your bed?