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What is your return policy?

Complete satisfaction is our top priority at NIGHT. So, rest assured we got you covered here. We back up our product with both a “101 Day Trial Period” and a “3 Year Warranty.” The trial period allows you to experience your NIGHT Pillow™ for up to 101 days at no risk. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason during this time period (preference, quality or otherwise) then we will be happy to provide a full refund or exchange. #NoStringsAttached. Following the 101 days, we guarantee the quality of the product for up to 3 years and provide an exchange if there are any issues.

For purchases outside of the contiguous USA, we will reimburse the net cost of the product once it is received. We will not reimburse the original shipping charge or provide a shipping label to return the product.

Is the NIGHT Pillow™ only offered in black?

If you asked this question then you are a racist... JK! There’s a reason that we only offer black pillows. Our proprietary hue of black is designed to negate light optimizing your body’s natural production of melatonin. And, allowing you to say adios to those annoying sleep masks. And, we hope that we don’t have to explain that black looks good with everything so feel free to rock out on the NIGHT Pillow™ regardless of the aesthetics of your other bedding. #dontbebasic

Can I buy extra pillowcases?

The NIGHT Pillow™ includes a custom, advanced engineered TriSilk™ pillowcase that is removeable and machine washable. It is intended for use only with the NIGHT pillow. We offer the option of buying an additional pillowcase at a discounted rate with the purchase of your NIGHT pillow. Just select this option at checkout.

Can I use my own pillowcase with the NIGHT Pillow™?

We strongly recommend that you sleep directly on the TriSilk™ pillowcase featured on the NIGHT Pillow™. Please see our benefits section to further understand all of the benefits associated with this feature

I don't like memory foam pillows, do you offer anything else?

We spent thousands of hours developing the perfect pillow. After we personally slept on over 100 variations of foam, fiber and down we solidified a memory foam formula that had the perfect balance of support and comfort. Furthermore, the individualized support and hypoallergic qualities make this foam the superior choice for those who want a great sleep with additional benefits.

What sleep positions are appropriate for this pillow?

We all favor a sleep position (i.e: back, side, stomach), but truth be told no one sleeps in the same position every night. And, we took this into consideration when developing the NIGHT Pillow™. The strategic profile height and foam formula accommodate all sleep positions.

Why would I spend $150 on a pillow?

Whether you know it or not, you are in a very serious relationship with your pillow. Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your life with it? And, that entire time the product is in an intimate interaction with your most valuable beauty asset (your face)! Over a lifetime, that's an average of 27 years of your face on this product. Have you ever thought how all this QT with your pillow is impacting you? Wake up. You are what you sleep with...

Does the pillow sleep hot?

Absolutely not. One of the many benefits of our proprietary TriSilk fabrication is it’s cooling properties allowing for a temperature perfect sleep experience.

Do you offer the pillow in larger sizes?

Standard size is the only size being offered at the moment, but we will be introducing an expanded assortment in the near future.

Where is the pillow made?

America. F*ck Yea.

Where does the pillow ship from?

We fulfill each order by hand from Michigan.

Do you ship outside of the contiguous USA?

Yes! We ship internationally. Follow the standard check out process and we’ll get your NIGHT Pillow to you wherever you are.

Do I need to wash the pillowcase before using it?

No, the NIGHT Pillow™ will arrive to you clean and ready for use. Get your sleep on.