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  • Side/back or stomach sleeper? Oily or dry skin? The NIGHT Beauty Sleep 4 Ways Pillow allows you to create a completely custom beauty sleep experience. The Airlight™ memory foam core provides the proven support of memory foam with the fluffy comfort of a feather pillow. Side one is the traditional pillow shape you know, and ideal for stomach sleepers. Side two features a signature scoop to promote spinal alignment for side/back sleepers.

    The included reversible skin balancing pillowcase works to maintain optimal moisture levels of your skin. One side is mulberry silk, ideal for dry skin. The other side is bamboo, ideal for wicking excess oil off oily skin. No matter your sleep or skin type, this pillow custom adjusts to fit your needs — 365 days a year.

  • Sleep Benefits:

    The reversible Airlight™ memory foam pillow is designed to:
    • Promote spine + neck alignment for every sleep position
      • For stomach sleepers, use the traditional pillowside. For back/side sleepers, try the contour (scoop) side!
    • Provide wellness support of memory foam with comfort of fill pillow
    • Negate collection of allergens and dust mites on pillow surface
    Beauty Benefits:

    Concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, dehydrated skin and hair breakage? Want your skin screams to absorb more efficiently, and to extend your hairdo? Sleep silk.
    • Allows your skin and hair to effortlessly glide across fighting hair breakage, fine lines, and dry skin that are being caused by most pillows
    • Extends your blow outs and improves the efficacy of your face creams by allowing your skin to absorb these instead of your tuggy pillow – meaning your saving time and money
    • Dermatologist and beauty specialist have recommended sleeping on silk for these reasons.
    • Best for those looking for anti-aging support, dry skin and hair or use in dry winter months.
    Concerned about breakouts, blemishes, skin irritations, oily hair and bedhead? Then sleep on the side made from 100% rayon from bamboo.
    • Soft and supple surface is gentle on your hair alleviating bedhead and skin irritations
    • Highly sweat absorbent (Pulls moisture from skin for evaporation - moisture wicking) – allowing your skin and hair to breathe
    • Naturally hypoallergenic negates buildup of pollutants that are then redeposited in your skin preventing breakouts
    • Best for those with oily skin and hair or used in humid, summer months. •Patent pending design
  • Align desired pillow shape with desired pillowcase material...depending on your preferred comfort style and skin type. Sleep directly on surface. Reap the rewards!

  • Pillowcase: Machine wash. Tumble dry low heat. Warm iron.
    Pillow: Spot clean if necessary.

The reversible
airlight memory foam pillow
This is our signature airlight memory foam, but we went a step further and made it two sided . The NIGHT Reversible Memory Foam pillow is designed with two unique sides to provide the optimal combination of support and comfort for every sleep position, allowing you to catch some high-quality Zzz's.
The reversible
skin balancing pillowcase
This reversible, two-sided pillowcase is made with both high-quality silk and bamboo. the NIGHT Reversible Skin Balancing Pillowcase is designed to meet your skin’s needs, whether that’s maintaining optimal moisture levels of dry skin, or wicking away excess oil from oily skin.
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Pillowcase – Machine washable!
Pillow – Spot clean only.
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