Chill Pillowcase

$60.00 USD

  • Night sweats? Hot flashes? Waking up with greasy hair and overnight breakouts? Take a Chill Pill(owcase). Our new Chill Pillowcase is designed to create a cooler sleep experience by using a customized blend of Rayon from Bamboo and Nylon. These fabrics are proven to feel cooler than cotton and polyester, two of the most common fabrics used to make pillowcases. And because the blend of Rayon from Bamboo and Nylon is what creates the cooling effect, it won’t wash out or diminish over time. Not only does sleeping comfortably feel better, some studies show that sleeping warm or hot can be disruptive to REM cycles, which are critical for the body to reach levels of deep, restorative sleep. No sweat, just sleep.
  • If you sleep hot or experience hot flashes, the Chill Pillowcase is THE pillowcase for you.
    • Rayon from Bamboo and Nylon feels cooler than most fibers, including many of those most commonly used to make bedding products.
    • Great for humid summer months and to take on trips to warm climates. 
    • Wicks excess moisture away from skin to reduce oil-based break outs and promote a healthy, balanced complexion.
    • Soft and supple surface is gentle on your hair, which helps to prevent breakage and alleviate bedhead.
    • Fabric: 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 34% Nylon
    • Standard/Queen Size 20" x 30"
    • King Size 20" x 40"
    • Colors: White, Champagne, Gunmetal
    • Sold as a single, not as a set
  • Machine wash cold with gentle soap. Gentle cycle. Do Not Bleach. Dry flat. Iron low heat if needed.

    While our pillowcases will arrive clean and ready for use, we recommend you launder before sleeping on them as your skin may be accustomed to your specific detergent
Care Instructions

Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting. Do Not Bleach.


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