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SHINE by NIGHT Satin Beauty Pillowcase

  • Introducing SHINE by NIGHT, a new line of products aimed at ensuring everyone can enjoy a next level beauty sleep. This unique satin pillowcase is the overnight beauty solution for better skin and hair. This unique satin formula is derived from charmeuse and mimics the smooth, luxurious texture of silk. Unlike cotton or jersey pillowcases, the SHINE by NIGHT pillowcase won’t cause friction on your hair and skin, eliminating bedhead, and preventing wrinkle formation. That means you’ll wake up looking better and feeling better. 

  • Better Hair
    • The SHINE pillowcase’s smooth sleep surface gently interacts with your hair throughout the night to boost hydration and promote healthy hair growth. Say goodnight to bedhead! 
    Better Skin
    • By repelling pollutants that typically collect on your sleep surface, the SHINE pillowcase will help to keep breakouts to a minimum. The unique satin formula maintains optimal moisture of your skin to prevent wrinkle formation.
    Better Sleep
    • SHINE pillowcase’s lightweight satin is designed for optimal airflow, leaving you sweat free all night long.
    • Color: Pink or White 
    • STANDARD/QUEEN SIZE: 20” x 26”
    • 100% Polyester charmeuse
    • Machine Wash
    • Tumble Dry


SHINE by NIGHT is our new suite of luxury sleep products made with the same love and care as the orignial, but with a lower price tag.
Satin is a blended thread weave material typically made from artificial fibers. When done right, it mirrors the luxurious feel of the natural silk we made the NIGHT name on.
Our satin isn't just any satin. It is so good we were told it was "too good for bedding." The satin used to make SHINE pillowcases is 100% charmeuse-that's the finest stuff money can buy.
The SHINE pillowcase eliminates friction on your mane, leaving you bedhead free.
SHINE repels icky stuff to keep it out of your pores and those breakouts away
The lightweight satin promotes airflow so you don’t sweat out your hairdo
Every shine pillowcase box comes with a place to personalize your "to" and "from". No wrapping necessary.