Eco Satin Pillowcase

  • A natural beauty like you deserves some *natural* beauty sleep. This eco-friendly and sustainable satin pillowcase is sourced from plant-based materials. Sleep soundly knowing that your pillowcase is good for you and for the environment.
    This eco-friendly modal satin pillowcase is made from beech tree pulp. Since beech trees require significantly less water to grow, the production process uses about 10-20 times less waste than cotton. But wait, there’s more! This modal material is manufactured from a renewable crop, making it carbon neutral and 100% vegan. Yay!
    Breathable and silky smooth, this satin pillowcase gently interacts with your skin and hair thoughout the night, alleviating bedhead and sleep wrinkles. It also offers a superior level of moisture control to support sweat-free sleep and minimize oil-based acne breakouts.
    Quality is an investment for the future. This modal pillowcase offers premium softness and a lustrous finish mimicking the smoothness of silk. Plus, modal is among the strongest textiles, making it super durable and resistant to pilling and shrinkage.
  • Colors: Ivory, Sage, Navy
    • STANDARD/QUEEN: 20” x 26”
    • KING: 20” X 36”
  • • Machine wash cold.
    • Tumble dry.
    • Low heat.
    • Warm iron if necessary

Uses 10-20 times
less water than cotton

Beauty Enhancing

  • Creates a smooth surface for skin and hair to glide across
  • Alleviates bedhead and sleep wrinkles
  • Controls moisture levels to alleviate oil-based acne

Luxury Sleep

  • Ultra-durable and resists pilling and shrinkage
  • Silky-smooth quality with a lustrous finish
  • Regulates skin’s temperature, reducing sweat and eczema flare-ups


  • Made from 100%
    beech tree pulp
  • Carbon Neutral and
    100% Biodegradable
  • Vegan + Cruelty-Free

Pick your player

  • White

  • Sage

  • Dark Blue

A natural beauty like you deserves some
*natural* beauty sleep…

  • Good for nature

  • Good for beauty

  • Good for sleep

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