Silk Gift Set (Pillowcase + Eye Mask)

$110.00 USD

  • Experience true beauty sleep with this Silk Sleep Kit, featuring one pillowcase in your choice of four colors and one midnight black eye mask, both mulberry silk. The pillowcase features a traditional pillowcase opening to fit your favorite pillow. Silk interacts gently with your hair, helping to eliminate friction and reduce hair breakage and split ends. By allowing your hair to glide across, the pillowcase will also help to extend the life of your blowouts and hairstyles. Leaning on the natural non-absorbent properties of silk, this pillowcase will help to keep your skin hydrated. The signature midnight black eye mask is designed to completely block light and promote deep, restorative rest without irritating your skin or pulling at your hair.

      • Prevents bedhead and hair breakage
      • Promotes clean and clear skin
      • Keeps skin and hair moisturized
      • Naturally hypoallergenic

      (1) SILK EYE MASK
      • Blocks light for deeper sleep
      • Boosts natural melatonin production
      • Keeps skin moisturized

    • Standard/Queen Size: 20" x 31"  King Size: 20" x 41"
    • Eye Mask: One Size, Mulberry Silk
    • Machine wash cold, air dry.
      Includes (1) Silk Pillowcase and (1) Silk Eye Mask

      While our pillowcases will arrive clean and ready for use, we recommend you launder before sleeping on them as your skin may be accustomed to your specific detergent.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting. Do Not Bleach.


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