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From the beauty experts
From the beauty experts
"We love recommending the NIGHT silk pillowcase to our clients. Nothing is more luxurious than sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It also saves your blowout and prevents breakage."
— Mark Debolt (Celebrity Hair Stylist)
Woman's hair after sleeping on cotton vs silk
From the beauty experts
"Silk has great benefits for the skin! In medicine, it is the recommended fabric for patients with sensitive skin. It prevents friction with the skin so it helps prevent fine wrinkles from forming. Silk is also anti-flammatory and non-absorbent so sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help keep your skin hydrated overnight."
— Andreas Boker, M.D., F.A.A.D (Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Cutaneous Laser Surgery, General and Cosmetic Dermatology)
Before and after photo of woman with blemishes to clear skin
From the beauty experts
"When it's finally time to climb into bed my head hits the pillow hard! I love knowing I'm sleeping on the best silk out there for my skin and hair."
— Jill Buck (Celebrity Hair Stylist)
woman sleeping on white satin pillowcase
From the beauty experts
"A silk pillowcase is anti-aging made easy. Sleeping on silk will keep your skin hydrated to help prevent formation of fine lines and wrinkles."
— Betul Adiguzel (Master Aesthetician)
woman laying in bed smiling hugging pillow with NIGHT silk pillowcase in champagne



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