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The best pillow in all the land...keeps your skin wrinkle free and hair as silky as the case

Streicher Sisters, Celebrity Glam Squad (Clients: Mandy Moore, Sarah Paulson, Brie Larson)

It has many benefits including minimizing wrinkles, supporting clean skin, and assisting with hydrating your skin cells, which helps prevent the formation of fine lines,

Dr. Jaliman, world-renowned Dermatologist, Author of Skin Rules

The BEST pillow for your skin

Carol Radzwill (RHONY)

I lie to you not, these pillows are scrumptious...they are so good!!!

Wendy Williams, National TV Host, Actress, Author and Fashion Designer

My wife has one and I'm so jealous! She sleeps great—it's designed to reduce frizz in the hair and it helps promote face masks while sleeping

Matt Fugete, Celebrity Hair Stylist (Clients: Karlie Kloss, Rashida Jones, Teresa Palmer)

The Night Pillow is a total game changer, it won’t leech important moisture from your skin, AKA it won’t cause wrinkles, blemishes OR split ends.

Lauryn Evarts, The Skinny Confidential, Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

An amazing memory foam silk pillow. Life changing!

Meaghan B Murphy, Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping Magazine

Nighttime beauty secret??..The silk soft memory foam pillow by @discovernight less wrinkles (face), less frizz (hair), better sleep(mind).

Jessica Caban, Fashion Model and Actress

It’s the easiest six to eight hour beauty treatment you can give yourself every night.

Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected, Beauty Blogger

I’m completely in love with it. I swear it also helps my blowout to last longer!

Grace Atwood, The Stripe, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

I kid you not, this memory foam pillow formulated pillow with black silk pillow case may be changing my life

Molly Miller, A Piece of Toast, Lifestyle Blogger

I got this pillow, and it is a total game changer.  I fall asleep right away, wake up with even skin and little to no bedhead and have never felt so refreshed.

Gwen Hefner, The Makerista, Home Blogger

This product will change the world. And, the people behind it are genius!!!

Suzy Simpson, Mother of Co-Founder


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