November 01, 2015

Discover Night LLC, NYC based start-up, introduces line of luxurious sleep pillows that combines the ultimate in comfort with beauty benefits.

What: The NIGHTTM pillow, a one-of-kind bed pillow featuring an intelligently designed pillowcase, is engineered to moisturize your skin and hair while enhancing the natural benefits of rest. “There’s been pillowcases that claim to have beauty benefits, but compromise comfort. And, there’s pillows that may be comfortable, but are made of materials harmful for your hair, skin and sometimes health. We didn’t want to sacrifice anything here. The NIGHTTM pillow is a full experience that optimizes beauty and health benefits while being really absurdly comfortable,” said Kalle Simpson, co-founder of Discover Night LLC.

The technology behind the NIGHTTM pillows is the combination of proprietary TriSilk fabrication, sourced from materials previously reserved only for haute couture and never before used in bedding, and oxygenated memory foam. The TriSilk fabrication provides optimal moisture levels preventing bed head, breakage of hair follicles, wrinkle formation, and skin irritations including acne. And, is featured in a signature black hue that negates light to encourage your body’s own natural melatonin production for a deeper rest. The memory foam yields hypoallergenic and support benefits, but is oxygenated to provide a universal level of comfort. “People told us we were going overboard on developing this pillow because it was just a ‘pillow,’ said co-founder, Isaac Oppenheimer, “but you spend a 1/3 of your life on a pillow with all that quality time, how can one neglect the importance of this product?”

The NIGHTTM Pillow is offered in three sleek design options featured on the border of the pillowcase: Tonal Alligator, Tonal Woodgrain, and Tonal Stripes, allowing for mixing and matching and making it the perfect statement piece with a purpose.


We believe in products that work hard for you. And, after a decade in the bedding industry, the founders of NIGHTTM realized the average bed pillow was doing little for you. Other pillows are made of absorbent materials that suck up everything: moisture from skin & hair, expensive face creams, pollutants, bacteria, youth, beauty, health and ultimately money. And, the solutions to this issue – protective pillowcases, ergonomically designed contraptions - neglected the sleep experience.

So, instead of settling for this average, the founders of  NIGHTTM spent years scouring the globe to develop a pillow that was incredibly comfortable while also being good for your health and beauty game.

NIGHTTM launched in New York City in November 2015 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. And, has organically attracted the support of celebrities, high profile influencers and dermatologists.