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Pillows: come with a 101 NIGHT Sleep Trial to allow you the time to fully experience the new level of comfort, support and added beauty benefits. You can return your pillow for a full refund any time within this time period. 

Face Coverings: are FINAL SALE.

All other NIGHT products: you may return a NIGHT product for ANY reason within 30 days of purchase date for a full refund. We accept product in new, unopened boxes or in gently used condition. 

Customer Service

The best way to reach us is by e-mail:

We will respond within 24 hours. If in the very rare incidence you don't get the response you are looking for - feel free to contact our CEO directly at 

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Choosing a Pillowcase

ALL of our pillowcases are designed for optimal airflow so rest assured regardless of your choice, you won't be sleeping hot. BUT, if you are in extra need of a cool down - try the Chill Pillowcase. All the cool kids say it's the best! 

Look no further than the TriSilk™ Pillowcase. Includes all the bells-and-whistles: zipper closure, elegant envelope flap, piping and a proprietary couture grade stretch silk for a never wrinkled look. This is what silk dreams were made of.

ALL of our pillowcases are made for intimate skin interaction, but if you're looking for the next level of clean beauty, check out our Clean Silk Pillowcase 

This pillowcase is made from 100% all-natural untreated silk fibers and contains 18 amino acids. We believe in the power of nature which is why we leave this offering unbleached and undyed. And, why we do not offer it in color options.

all of our silk is ethically harvested, but if you are looking to stay 100% vegan and still get the skin and hair benefits of silk then try our Vegan Satin Pillowcase - Made from synthetic materials that feel & look so silk like, we barely know the difference! 

our essential line of Satin Pillowcases were created to mimic the look and feel of silk and offer similar beauty boosting benefits. No matter what your budget is, we got you covered.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

At this time we do not ship internationally, but it is something we are working on so please stay tuned for an update. 

The Benefits of Silk

Silk alleviates sleep lines, wrinkle formation and skin irritations by forming a smooth surface that gently allows your skin gently glide across. It is not absorbent like other pillowcase materials, keeping your skin hydrated and allowing any night creams you may use to work their magic…on your skin (vs on your pillowcase!) Silk has the added benefit of being naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew which can help further prevent breakouts and blemishes. Silk’s natural thermoregulation properties help your skin to breathe and keep you cool all night long. 

Silk, like that used in our signature TriSilk or Clean Silk fabric found in our NIGHT products, is a natural fiber whereas our satin is made of manmade materials. Silk offers a few extra benefits over satin, like being hypo-allergenic and full of amino acids. But, our satin is still really, really good for your skin and hair. TBH, sometimes we can't even feel the difference! We made this second to none signature line of satin to ensure that no matter what your budget is, you can sleep and look better. Read this blog post for more information on the difference.

Your grandmother used to wrap her hair in silk at night to protect her hair style…and she always knows best Silk creates a smooth surface for your hair to gently glide across, minimizing friction and alleviating tugging at delicate hair strands throughout the night. This prevents hair breakage, minimizes bedhead, maintains hairstyles and extends blowouts. Its nonabsorbent, super breathable nature keeps the natural moisture levels of your hair intact, so you wake up with silky locks every morning. 

Referral Program

When you sign up for our referral program, you can share your love of NIGHT by sending customized links of $10 off to your friends and followers. For each new customer who makes a purchase using your code, you get your very own $10 off code for your next purchase. (BTW... there is no limit on how many new customers you can recruit. So the more the better!). 

 If you're interested, check out our referral program here. 

Care Instructions

All of our silk, satin, bamboo and modal pillowcases, eye masks and hair accessories are machine washable. We recommend laying flat to dry.

Individual care instructions can be found on product page &/or pillowcase care tag. 

Foam Pillows: Pillowcase should be removed and machine washed. Foam pillow is spot clean only. Do NOT machine wash. Please see product page or care label for detailed instructions.  

Down Alternative Pillows: Both pillowcase AND core can be machine washed. Please see product page or care label for detailed instructions.