Congrats on getting in bed with NIGHT! You and your pillow are going to share a lot of awesome QT together (1/3 of your life actually). We guarantee NIGHT will treat you right, but here are five tips to get the most out of your experience:

  1. Sleep directly on the custom TriSilk™ moisturizing pillowcase pre-assembled on your NIGHT Pillow™ to maximize the benefits. No additional pillowcase needed!
  2. Avoid stacking other pillows above or below the NIGHT Pillow™. The height of the foam is engineered to be universally supportive.
  3. Sleep freely. Don’t concern yourself with your “normal sleep position.” Fact is the average person changes position 2-36 times a night. The NIGHT Pillow™ is advanced engineered to self-adjust for the perfect comfort and support in every position.
  4. Keep your sleep surface fresh—it’s so easy! The TriSilk™ moisturizing pillowcase is removable and machine washable. We recommend laundering it every other week or as needed. No need to worry about cleaning the self-adjusting memory foam core. It's hypoallergenic so stays so fresh and so clean without additional maintenance. 
  5. Don’t be scared that your pillow doesn’t look like your grandma’s. Our MidNIGHT black hue actually negates light promoting a deeper more restorative rest. Trust us once you sleep black, you won’t go back J

Give it time! Remember we have a 101 night no strings attached policy. So take your time. We recommend sleeping with the pillow for at least 10 nights before drawing a conclusion. Enjoy your #sleepwithbenefits!

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