Father’s Day Gift Guide 

At NIGHT, we have a soft spot for moms, but we can’t deny that dads are pretty great too! Let's show them some love this Father’s Day with self-care gifts. Now, you may be curious how skincare and haircare products would appeal to men, but according to The Bald Company, 47% of men who experience hair loss would trade their entire life savings for a full head of hair. But don’t worry! Discover NIGHT has plenty of great Father’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank and are proven to help support healthy skin and hair. So if you want to make a dad happy...listen up!

NIGHT Pillow: for the ~best~ dad ever ($150)

Nothing screams Best Dad Ever louder than the NIGHT Pillow… not even that cheesy “Best Dad Ever” mug. The NIGHT Pillow is perfect for the dad that works tirelessly and needs a good night’s sleep. The signature pillow comes in, dare we say, a masculine midnight black and acts like a built-in sleep mask, negating light to promote a deep, restorative sleep. And just as important: the skincare and haircare benefits, but no ten step nightly routine is required. He’ll love how effortless the NIGHT Pillow makes it to have healthy and hydrated skin and hair. Also, it’s anti-balding: enough said.

Trisilk Pillowcase: for the ~I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad~  dad ($90)
The idea of "self-care" is not exclusive to women! Everyone deserves and needs to take care of themselves including men. Show the dad in your life some love with a Trisilk Pillowcase that provides extra allergen protection and still gets all the same silk benefits (hello healthy skin and hair!), not to mention those much appreciated anti-balding features. This pillowcase is a great step in investing in your skin and hair health and comes in an array of beautiful colors, perfect for every bedroom aesthetic.

Satin Beauty Sleep Kit: for the ~has everything, needs nothing~ dad ($75)

Treat your dad right this Father’s Day with something he doesn’t even know he needs: the Satin Beauty Sleep Kit This kit includes a satin pillowcase and a matching satin eye mask. The eye mask works its magic blocking the light and promoting a deep sleep to ensure that dads get the quality night’s sleep they deserve. Meanwhile, the satin pillowcase fights bedhead and breakouts, creating healthy and hydrated skin and hair.

Silk Face Mask: for the ~on the go~ dad ($55)

The world may be moving towards pre-pandemic lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean masks are a thing of the past. Whether the dad in your life travels for work, pleasure, or both, NIGHT’s 100% Silk Face Mask is ideal for dads on the go. Unlike other tight, face masks that irritate your skin, this 100% Mulberry Silk face mask hugs the face for a secure seal but is smooth, soft, and gentle on the skin making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. In addition, the nonabsorbent nature of silk keeps the skin hydrated, and its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties for naturally hypoallergenic material. 

June 16, 2021 — NIGHT squad

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