Meet Jill Buck

Buck isn’t just a friend of Night, she’s a highly sought after celebrity hair stylist who’s client list includes Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Simpson and Selena Gomez. And there’s absolutely no one we would pair up with to make our new Everyday Bow other than Jill. From her early days operating the “Braid Bar” on Santa Monica Boulevard to her current status as a celebrity stylist, Buck has developed a reputation as a sought-after celebrity hairdresser with taste. Check out our interview with Jill below!


NIGHT: We are all about chasing the dream at NIGHT. Can you share your journey to your success as a celebrity hairstylist?

Jill: The dream I’ve been chasing is the perfect balance between being a mom, traveling the world and helping people. Along my journey of leaving a small town in Oregon, my path led me to LA where becoming a celebrity stylist came from a lot of long hours, commitment to being really good at my job and being a good person.

NIGHT: We also LOVE quotes. And pizza. So what is your favorite quote/motto? And what is your pizza order?

Jill: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.” This has been my life motto since I was 16, and I say it often as well as “I’ll take a slice of pepperoni”

NIGHT: Pepperoni is ALWAYS a good choice! Ok back to hair...What is the hair advice you give out to your celebrity clients the most? 

Jill: Stay away from heat styling whenever you can! We all have a tendency to over use heat on our hair and I believe it’s the biggest cause of breakage. But using good tools, trustworthy shampoo & conditioners and a silk pillowcase will help lesson the damage.

NIGHT: Now let's talk bows. What made you want to collaborate on a bow collection?

Jill: I wanted an accessory that anyone can wear! From the way it’s applied, to the style-it is so easy to use in all hair types and so easy to style with any look. Style should be effortless and fun, I wanted to make an accessory that matched that! Thanks to the girls at Night, we were able to make that happen.

NIGHT: What is your favorite way to wear the Everyday Bow?

Jill: On a low messy pony! I only wash my hair every few days so to be able to throw my day 3 hair back and still get compliments is a very good sign!


November 10, 2021 — NIGHT squad

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