Skincare Pillowcase

  • Sleep and skincare go hand-in-hand. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping...which means most likely your skin is in contact with your pillowcase more than any other material. This Dual-sided Skincare Pillowcase supports clear, healthy skin year-round by allowing you to pick the best sleep surface for your skin...every night. How? Side one is made of 100% mulberry silk, designed to support nourishment and moisture retention for normal/dry skin. Side two is made of 100% rayon from bamboo to wick moisture and oil, helping to balance normal/oily skin.

    Concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, dehydrated skin and hair breakage? Want to maximize the efficacy of your moisturizing night cream? Sleep silk.
    • Allows your skin to effortlessly glide across, fighting sleep lines and wrinkle formation
    • Non-absorbent. Improves the efficacy of your face creams by allowing the face cream to be absorbed by your skin...not your pillowcase.
    • Naturally hypoallergenic. Negates buildup of pollutants, allergens and other skin irritants. 
    • Added bonus of hair benefits: gentle on hair to prevent breakage and hair loss.
    • Sleeping on silk is recommended by Dermatologists and beauty specialists 
    • Best for normal to dry skin.
    • Great for the dry, winter months


    Concerned about breakouts, blemishes, and skin irritations? Then sleep on the side made from 100% rayon from bamboo. 
    • Highly sweat absorbent. Wicks excess moisture away from skin.
    • Soft and supple surface is gentle on your hair, also helping to alleviate bedhead.
    • Best for normal to oily, breakout-prone  skin.
    • Great for humid summer months.
    • Standard/Queen Size: 20" x 31"
    • King size: 20" x 41"
    • Colors: White. Champagne, Gunmetal
    • Front: 100% Mulberry Silk | Back: 100% Rayon from Bamboo
    • Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting. Do Not Bleach.

      While our pillowcases will arrive clean and ready for use, we recommend you launder before sleeping on them as your skin may be accustomed to your specific detergent.


This dual-sided Skincare Pillowcase supports clear, healthy skin every NIGHT.
The needs of our skin are constantly changing due to weather, hormone levels, diet, stress...etc. This pillowcase allows you to enhance your skincare routine with a beauty boosting sleep surface. Afterall, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.
FRONT — Mulberry Silk
100% mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and nonabsorbent. It provides a luxurious smooth surface that allows your hair and skin to gently glide across, enhancing moisture retention.
Rayon from Bamboo
100% rayon from bamboo is soft, airy, and moisture-wicking, helping to keep excess sweat and oil away from your beauty assets.

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