What do you get when you put a reserved boy from Seattle together with a boisterous girl from North Carolina?

Usually, you get a bad bar joke, but in our case, you get the team behind NIGHT

timeline of NIGHT Pillow history

We, the Seattle boy and the Southerner, crossed paths in 2011 while working for the same company slinging pillows. We both liked the hustle of sales, but quickly realized that there was a big issue with the product that we were selling…And, all pillows in the market...They SUCKED.

And, we mean that literally. Other pillows are made of harsh materials that SUCK up everything! The moisture from your skin, your expensive face creams, the essential oils from your hair, pollutants, bacteria, dust mites, your youth, beauty, health and ultimately your dolla, dolla bills.

The industry is dominated by old dudes who didn’t seem to even recognize the problem existed. So, after a total of a decade in the industry, we said f*ck it and set off to fix the problem ourselves. And, so NIGHT was born. NIGHT for us is about being authentic. We only offer the most badass product that we know adds value to your life domination goals. We only partner with people that believe in our cause. And, we put our hearts, soul and personality into every detail so you are not just getting a product, but a life changing experience. Want more? Then explore the website. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Insty, Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest. And, don't forget to buy a damn pillow and experience the difference!