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The Problem


Here’s the deal, as seasoned veterans in the sleep industry, we know for a fact that other pillows suck. Literally. Other pillows are made of super absorbent materials (think cotton or polyester), which literally suck essentials oils from your hair, moisture from your skin and even those expensive face creams. And, if this wasn’t enough it’s also sucking up potentially harmful pollutants, allergens and bacteria. So much so, that research has shown the average OTHER pillow to be biologically indistinguishable from toilet seats. Ooof.    


1. SUCKS Moisture from your skin, contributing to wrinkles and aging.

2. SUCKS Pollutants & Allergens from the air including dust mites, causing blemishes and skin irritations.

3. SUCKS Essential Oils from your hair, resulting in dry, damaged hair and bedhead.



Want a Pillow That Doesn't Suck?
Meet NIGHT ™:

The result of thousands of hours of blood, sweat, tears and OCD perfectionism. The NIGHT pillow is the entire package including an advanced engineered TriSilk pillowcase endorsed by leading dermatologist PLUS a unique memory foam pillow that’s lighter/airier/fluffier than anything else on the market. Our signature black hue not only looks good with everything, but it's intelligently designed to negate light. Summary: The NIGHT pillow is the easiest way to take care of yourself. Every single detail works for you. You just sleep.   

1. Intelligently Designed Black Hue..
Signature black hue negates light stimulating production of melatonin and resulting in a deeper sleep.

2. Self-Adjusting Memory Foam
Our special-engineered memory foam is lighter and airier to provide the optimal balance of comfort and support.

3. TriSilk™ Moisturizing Pillowcase
Our proprietary spandex silk formula keeps moisture in, promoting healthy, beautiful skin & hair.


Night pillow features