The Problem

Literally. Other pillows are made of super absorbent materials (think cotton or polyester), which suck moisture + essential oils away from your face and mane. They're also sucking up pollutants, allergens and bacteria, then re-depositing them back into your skin. Oof.
from your face
contributing to wrinkles and aging
Pollutants + Allergens
from the air
including dust mites, causing blemishes and skin irritations
Essential Oils
from your hair
resulting in dry, damaged hair and bedhead
Intelligently designed black hue
negates light to boost natural melatonin production, resulting in a deeper sleep every time
Air-light memory foam
provides optimal balance of comfort and support, while promoting airflow for a cool sleep
TriSilkM Pillowcase
95% mulberry silk maintains mositure levels of your hair and skin. 5% spandex prevents bunching for a pillow that looks damn good