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Sneha Ramanan Vats
Works at NextGen RxMarketing

I've had issues with pillows for years, neck and back pain every morning. After using this pillow I've not had any problems!! Not only is it comfortable and helps me get a good nights sleep, but my hair looks good in the morning too - thank you silk pillow case! Love it:)

Samantha Lewis
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

I ended up buying a second pillow for my boyfriend so he would stop stealing mine! Now, we each have our own and are both sleeping better (plus my bed hair isn't so scary in the morning). Definitely recommend

Josh Grashin

This is the best pillow i've ever slept on, hands down. The worst part about it is trying to prevent my girlfriend from stealing it in bed, so I think i'll just have to buy a second one. Strongly recommend!

Alexis Gianoulis
Works at Young & Rubicam

I was skeptical when purchasing this pillow because I'm not a huge fan of memory foam. It's typically dense, heavy and too bulky to support my neck properly. However, this is the first memory foam pillow I've found that's super comfortable and lightweight too. The silk cover keeps it cool and feels great on my skin. I can tell it's a high quality material.

Heather Hendry
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) at Wellspring Counseling, Miami

I love this pillow. Seriously, the most comfortable thing I've ever laid my head emoticon Also, added bonus, my skin has been clearer since sleeping on this pillow.. All in all, a great product. Well worth the price!

Neha Gupta
Senior Consultant at Veeva Systems

This pillow is EVERYTHING! I sleep with it every single night and have the best night's sleep. I wake in the mornings feeling surprisingly refreshed. It's super luxurious and comfortable, I love it!

Aliza Kollander

Cannot get enough of this pillow! The design is amazing and totally different from anything I've ever seen. Super comfortable and makes me want to stay in bed all day long!