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  • The NIGHT 2 Ways Beauty Pillow is designed to provide customized comfort for deep, restorative beauty sleep. The Airlight™ memory foam core provides the proven support of memory foam with the fluffy comfort of a feather pillow. Side one is the traditional pillow shape you know, and ideal for stomach sleepers. Side two features a signature scoop to promote spinal alignment for side/back sleepers.

    The Pillow comes fully equipped with a custom-fit NIGHT signature TriSilk™ Pillowcase. Made of high-quality mulberry silk, the smooth surface puts an end to friction, protecting your hair from breakage and preventing wrinkle-causing sleep creases. The signature black hue negates light to boost your body’s natural melatonin production for deeper rest. Sleep better. Look better.

  • Sleep Benefits:

    The reversible Airlight™ memory foam pillow is designed to:
    • Promote spine + neck alignment for every sleep position
      • For stomach sleepers, use the traditional pillowside. For back/side sleepers, try the contour (scoop) side!
    • Provide wellness support of memory foam with comfort of fill pillow
    • Negate collection of allergens and dust mites on pillow surface
    Beauty Benefits:

    Boost your Melatonin Production. The NIGHT pillow comes exclusively in a black hue to negate light and boost your body’s natural melatonin production so you sleep better.

    Fight breakouts. Did you know your pillow is bacterially indistinguishable from a toilet seat? And when you sleep on it, that bacteria gets rammed into your pores all night long? The fibers used in the NIGHT pillowcase aren’t food sources for bacteria, so all that gunk can’t live in there. Keep your pores clear, all night (and day) long.

    Hydrate your skin and hair. Because they’re made from absorbent materials like cotton, other pillows suck moisture away from your skin and hair. The NIGHT pillowcase supports moisturized skin and hair by leaving natural moisture in its place, fighting split ends and wrinkles.

    Increase the effectiveness of your skin products. Let your face creams rest on your skin, doing their job more effectively, when they aren’t getting sucked up by absorbent materials like cotton. Our mulberry silk pillowcase will leave your creams be.

    Ditch the bedhead. 95% mulberry silk means your hair won’t get caught up in friction while you sleep. Say goodnight to bedhead!

  • Pillowcase: Machine wash. Tumble dry low heat. Warm iron.
    Pillow: Spot clean if necessary.

The reversible
airlight memory foam pillow
This is our signature airlight memory foam, but we went a step further and made it two sided . The NIGHT Reversible Memory Foam pillow is designed with two unique sides to provide the optimal combination of support and comfort for every sleep position, allowing you to catch some high-quality Zzz's.
Using a signature black hue this premium TriSilk™ pillowcase negates light to boost your body’s natural melatonin production for deeper rest. It creates a smooth surface for your skin and hair to glide on throughout the night, reducing friction to eliminate bedhead, hair breakage, and sleep creases. Plus, hypoallergenic mulberry silk won’t absorb face creams, or create a breeding ground for bacteria, keeping you morning breakout free.
Discover your beauty sleep
Accommodates all sleep positions
Especially beneficial for stomach sleepers
Ideal if you prefer a medium - firm comfort level
Accommodates all sleep positions
Especially beneficial for back or side sleepers
Ideal if you prefer a soft - medium comfort level
The Benefits
Pillowcase – Machine washable!
Pillow – Spot clean only.
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