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NIGHT Trisilk™Pillowcase - FOR ANY PILLOW

  • Not ready to commit to the full NIGHT experience? We get it sometimes you need to walk before you run. That’s why we offer the NIGHT Trisilk™ pillowcase. This “fits any pillow” pillowcase is made of the same luxurious quality fabric included on the complete NIGHT pillow providing hair and skin benefits in your sleep. The signature black hue not only looks good with all bedding, but negates light for a deeper rest. And, because other pillows are full of scary stuff, this pillowcase features a hidden zipper enclosure for added allergen protection. Simply insert your current bed pillow into this new case, and sleep, baby, sleep.

  • Boost your Melatonin Production. The NIGHT pillow comes exclusively in a black hue to negate light and boost your body’s natural melatonin production so you sleep better.

    Fight breakouts
    Did you know your pillow is bacterially indistinguishable from a toilet seat? And when you sleep on it, that bacteria gets rammed into your pores all night long? The fibers used in the NIGHT pillowcase aren’t food sources for bacteria, so all that gunk can’t live in there. Keep your pores clear, all night (and day) long.

    Hydrate your skin and hair
    Because they’re made from absorbent materials like cotton, other pillows suck moisture away from your skin and hair. The NIGHT pillowcase supports moisturized skin and hair by leaving natural moisture in its place, fighting split ends and wrinkles.

    Increase the effectiveness of your skin products
    Let your face creams rest on your skin, doing their job more effectively, when they aren’t getting sucked up by absorbent materials like cotton. Our mulberry silk pillowcase will leave your creams be.

    Ditch the bedhead
    95% mulberry silk means your hair won’t get caught up in friction while you sleep. Say goodnight to bedhead!
  • +Color: Midnight black
    +STANDARD/QUEEN: 20” x 26”
    +KING: 20” X 36”
  • Machine wash cold.
    Tumble dry.
    Low heat.
    Warm iron if necessary.

Walk before you run

The NIGHT TriSilk ™ pillowcase is the luxury sleep solution to those not yet ready to commit to the total NIGHT experience. Made of coture-grade silk, the NIGHT pillowcase will maintain optimal moisture levels of your skin and hair, so you wake up to a better morning after.


NIGHT products are designed in a signature black hue to negate light and encourage boosted melatonin production for deeper rest.

you do you

Style it your way

Whether you show it or don’t, the NIGHT pillowcase will keep your bedroom game on point.

black pillowcase for a build in eyemask

Sleep better

Experience the difference of a truly deep sleep with a pillowcase that keeps out the light.

black pillow hides drool, zit cream, and last nights makeup

Bye-bye AM shame

Drool, zit cream, last night’s makeup…sleep on a pillowcase that has your back not one that calls you out with stains of shame.


Better Sleep

Signature black hue negates light to boost melatonin production for deeper rest. Natural fibers regulatetemperature for a cool, breathable sleep.

Better Skin

Custom fit design protects against bacteria and pollutants, while silk sleep surface alleviates skin irritation and supports moisture retention.

Better Hair

Stop breakage and split ends caused by normal sleep surfaces and promote healthy hair growth.

How to

  • black pillowcase for a build in eyemask
  • Step 1

    Insert your bed pillow into your new NIGHT TriSilk Nourishing Pillowcase; zip close.

  • black pillowcase for a build in eyemask
  • Step 2

    Sleep any way that you choose to sleep!

  • black pillowcase for a build in eyemask
  • Step 3

    Wake up from your first ever true beauty sleep.

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