Did you notice that we just dropped a hot addition to your NIGHT game? The NIGHT travel case features compression technology allowing you to take your life-changing NIGHT pillow wherever you go. Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should never leave home without your NIGHT pillow.


1. Other pillows are bacterially indistinguishable from a toilet seat...

You wouldn’t sleep on your hotel toilet (at least on purpose) so why would you sleep on a hotel pillow? Research shows that if you were to take a medical swab of a toilet seat, and a medical swab from your average bed pillow, the two would be virtually impossible to tell apart. The NIGHT pillow is made from anti-microbial and hypoallergenic materials, which keeps all that bacteria far, far away.

2. 1/3 of the weight of other pillows comes from dirt and debris 


Research shows that a big chunk of your pillow's weight comes from disturbing sources. So if you’re sleeping on a hotel pillow, you’re sleeping on what probably amounts to pounds of other people’s… stuff. Yuck.


3. Traveling is rough on your skin & hair


Dehydration, improper diet, and crappy hotel pillows can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. And, insta filters can only do so much. The NIGHT pillow features a TriSilk pillowcase designed to moisturize your skin and hair so you look fresh as you’ll feel from sleeping on it.


4.  Ain’t no one have time for jet lag struggles

Aggressive travel itinerary? Whether it’s all day meetings followed by late night entertainment. Or, squeezing two weeks of sightseeing into two days – it’s important you’re firing on all cylinders as you crush your travels.The NIGHT pillow is advanced engineered to negate light, which is critical to making sure your circadian rhythms adjust with the time zones. 


5. Because we made it easy AF

Traveling with your pillow isn’t always practical. That’s why we developed the NIGHT travel case. It not only keeps your NIGHT pillow hygienically protected, but compresses to 1/5 the size, attaches easily to your suitcase, and is TSA approved! Making traveling with your NIGHT pillow an absolute no brainer. 

August 01, 2017 — NIGHT squad

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