So you probably know by now (and if you don’t know, now you know)…the NIGHT Pillow only comes in one color—our signature hue, midnight black. Occasionally we hear feedback ranging from “but all my bedding is white” to “I’m not sure it will match my bedroom” and sometimes even “I’ve never seen a black pillow before.” So we wanted to take the time to shed some light here because our stubbornness to keep our color status quo has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with you and your sleep. We’ll break it down in these three reasons.


We learn pretty early on in grade school that black negates or absorbs light, and white reflects it. So ask yourself this—when you go to sleep, do you want the surface you rest your head on to negate light or reflect light towards your closed eyes? Exactly. The NIGHT Pillow’s signature black hue is designed to negate light and act like a built-in sleep mask so that you can achieve a more restful, restorative sleep.

2. Clearly compliments any bedding.

Real talk: pretending any color is the new black is laughable…because black will forever be the most universally flattering, easy to style shade that matches (and arguably elevates) everything in its presence. It is no wonder that every top designer has a love affair with it year after year. We have yet to see any ANY bedding style or setup that the NIGHT Pillow doesn’t compliment.

3. Keeps last night’s drool and makeup on the DL.

Not all of us wake up looking like Queen Bey. Drool, zit cream, last night’s makeup…all high contenders to end up on your pillow come sunrise. But no one wants to roll over and see these stains of shame, especially not on a white canvas. This is where the NIGHT Pillow has your back and doesn’t display a stain here and there until you are ready to zip off the pillowcase and throw it in the washer.

You can probably tell that we think the signature hue = emoji hand perfecto, but the truth is you can always do you. If you love the hue as much as we do, proudly display it on your bed. If you are more focused on the mega sleep and beauty benefits it provides, tuck it under your covers when you make your bed and bust it out as your secret sleep weapon every night.

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