Retrograde is here, and she's fierce. Feeling down lately? Unable to communicate? At a loss about your entire life plan? Blame it on the retrograde, baby. We're feeling it hard, and because we love our community, want to provide all the resources you need to get through these trying times. But first, here's the low down on the planet of communication's (Mercury) retrograde. 

What is Mercury Retrograde? 

While all planets move in the same direction, they all move at different speeds. Mercury's orbit is 88 days long, meaning it orbits the sun in 1 Earth year.  

But sometimes, Mercury slows down... and then stops... and then moves slowly backwards for several weeks. That my friends, is retrograde. 

In actuality, Mercury isn't actually stopping, slowing down, and moving backwards but it just appears to be doing so. This has to do with lots of #science associated with the relative speed of the Earth and Mercury.

There are three Mercury Retrograde periods of each year, each lasting 3 weeks. 

What does Mercury Retrograde mean? 

The planet Mercury is said to be associated with or to rule all activities that relate to communications, travel, learning such as:

  • making agreements
  • sending correspondence
  • communications 
  • traveling Classically
Mercury retrograde periods are not considered ideal for engaging in Mercury related activities such as:
  • placing ads
  • making important decisions
  • travel
  • purchasing communications equipment
  • signing contracts
  • initiating business deals
  • sending important correspondence or any type of message
  • starting school or any important project
  • beginning any new enterprise (as plans may be reversed later) 


Why is everyone talking about Mercury Retrograde? 

If nothing else, Mercury Retrograde is the time when you can blame literally anything that's going wrong with your life on a faraway planet. Hey, we'll take it. And in the mean time, take a break from retrograde while reclining on a NIGHT Pillow

December 03, 2018 — NIGHT squad

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