caThe end is near. We're three days our from Mercury coming out of retrograde, and hopefully returning to our normal selves, being able to show up on time to meetings, communicate effectively, and not feel like every one of our life choices should be questioned. We can drink to that. 

Since we're coming up on the end of our time, dear Mercury, here are some down and dirty tips to getting through the next three days #unscathed. 

Don't take Sh*t too personally. 

You're not the only one in retrograde, and people in your life are likely going to say things they don't mean, born out of a very clouded mind.  

Don't make any big purchases. 

Do you really need that new car? That new Mac? Or are you just trying to cover up the despair caused by the firey planet? Yeah, just wait till next week to swipe the AmEx. 

Do tie up loose ends. 

This is the perfect time to do a whole bunch of random stuff you said you'd do — like hanging that picture, or getting a new trash can — so when the retrograde finally ends you'll be on track to live your #bestlife.  

Relax, its all good.  

Sometimes when it all hits the fan, you just gotta take a backseat and ride it out. You'll be back on your game soon. And the perfect thing to always relax on? A NIGHT pillow. 

Need to know what Retrograde even is? Read here. 

December 03, 2018 — NIGHT squad

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