No beauty tool can beat a good night’s sleep. That’s the philosophy NIGHT was founded on. We create products that harness the power of sleep for better skin and hair while you rest. “Beauty sleep”—what a famous cliché. But now, there’s science to back up the NIGHT philosophy (though its not like we needed it).

 A new study has shown that 60% of people find that a good night’s sleep improves their appearance. And that those who can find a way to catch 9+ hours of the stuff per night see increased effectiveness of sleep on their looks.

Participants in the study reported these #killer stats:


44% of people reported improved overall demeanor

42% reported brighter eyes

21% reported brighter complexion

17% reported fewer wrinkles

11% improved skin condition

    Sleep expert Neil Robinson noted that a good night’s sleep might be the key to a “better appearance,” but you already knew that.

    Ready to look as good as you feel?


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