What Self-Care is Really About

by Tenlie Mourning July 18, 2018

What Self-Care is Really About

Jade rollers, Epsom salts, $80 candles and $65 brunches – this is the self-care landscape of late. While people started talking about self-care as the importance of striking a work/life balance, de-stressing, and getting fit, self-care (like everything else) started to look one very specific, IG worthy way. 

If there’s one thing we’re about at NIGHT it’s being an individual. No doubt self-care is important, and no matter how you choose to get some much needed R&R to recharge, what matters is that you’re doing your own thing. We felt it might be time to update our definitions of self-care and get some #freshperspective on how to achieve it. 

Here's what 5 women say on what self-care really means to them and how they get there:

To Marissa from Seattle, self-care means “Honoring my mind, body, and soul [while] listening to the needs of my spirit.” She says “my body talks to me in a language called sensation, and it is up to me to listen.” Self-care means “Eating foods that nurture me, rest, moving in ways that make my body happy and activate my spirit. Honoring my limits and avoiding excess.”

To Bowie from LA,

“Self care means a clear state of mind, it means feeling healthy inside and out.”


To Andie from Denver, self-care “means truly caring for yourself. Giving all of the love, attention and investment you would to another person to yourself. It’s too easy to make it simply about spa routines, it is about what you need. Similar to understanding and harnessing the power of love languages in your relationships, one should use that in understanding what they need. For me self-care can’t simply be watching TV because my anxiety about productivity won’t allow that to be satisfying. So my self-care may be just reminding myself that My worth is not determined by my output.

To Kaeli from Miami, self-care means

“Spending time and money on getting a mani-pedi after a hard week”  


To Virginia from Brooklyn, self-care means "paying attention to what is good for you mentally and physically. For me self care comes in the form of pushing myself to do the things I know will make me will be good for me even if it’s not what I feel like in the moment. So going to the gym, actually cooking real food, washing my face, or reaching out to friends when I could just lay in bed are things I don’t necessarily feel like doing but are what will have positive affects and are what my body/mind actually deserve."

NIGHT makes products that promote you doing your best, most unique version of self-care. To you, self-care may mean eating a whole pizza once in while — best enjoyed while atop a NIGHT Pillow ;) 


Tenlie Mourning
Tenlie Mourning


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