Our mission at Discover NIGHT is simple: we want to help stand out people crush life by maximizing the night time. We draw our inspiration from these stand out individuals; those who refuse to accept mediocrity; those who wake up on a mission; those who want to be the best at whatever it is they do. It is the people who rise and shine that we work for and in this column, we hear from them.

From MTV VJ to Deputy Editor of SELF to Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, there is nothing #basic about Meaghan Murphy’s fascinating career. On top of being a total boss on the work front, she is a fitness guru, mother of three, a legit AF human and O.G. NIGHT Pillow™ supporter. Here's our 10 question speed round with Meaghan:

  1. Average hours of sleep per night? 7
  2. Night owl or early riser? Early riser.
  3. Matching pajama sets or anything goes? Mismatched sets. I never seem to pull the matching bottoms and top out of the drawer, so I wind up with pizza on the bottom and dinosaurs on the top. Big fan of Target jammies! (I have 3 kids!)
  4. Latest you’ve ever slept in? As a mom: 7 AM. As a human being without kids: Noon.
  5. What can you not sleep without? The hubs.
  6. Vivid dreams or no dream memory? No dreams.
  7. What gets you out of bed every morning? An internal alarm clock…5:03 like a robot!
  8. Number of times you snooze the alarm? I don’t set an alarm!
  9. First thing you do when you wake up? Roll my feet out with a BodyWorks ball. Trying to avoid plantar fasciitis.
  10. What keeps you going all day? Some undiagnosed hyperactivity disorder.


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September 27, 2016 — Caitlin Collins

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