An Ode to Legit AF Humans

by Kalle Simpson September 30, 2016

An Ode to Legit AF Humans

What do a rock star glam squad to the stars + Good Housekeeping + Marcia Clark have in common?

You probably will #striiike out trying to solve this riddle. But the answer starts with this insta post seen below:

To those not in the know, the Streicher sisters are three rock star individuals that offer game changing glam services to the biggest names. Think: Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Vikander, Mandy Moore, Brie Larson and Sarah Paulson (whose Marcia Clark portrayal = emoji for perfecto).

It’s just these type of stand outs that NIGHT loves to get in bed with hence why we gifted pillows to all three ladies. 

But, here’s the real deal with our experience gifting (a.k.a sending product freebies to influencers with hope that in return they support your story), the influencers are always happy to receive the pillow and they almost always over zealously love it.

So what’s the issue you ask? Beyond this we hit 1 of 2 roadblocks.

  1. They ghost out on us tinder date style. #cold
  2. They request some serious green in return for their love and we are still werkin on a startup budget. #nope

The Streicher sisters represent that rare breed that we like to refer to as legit AF humans who authentically support legit AF products without an upfront return. The cherry on top is that legit AF humans usually surround themselves with other legit AF humans

Case and point, check out the comments on that same post…we’ve zoomed in and circled one of note for your reference below:

That’s none other than the Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, Mrs. Meaghan B. Murphy!

Long story short—the validation by the Streicher sisters led to Meaghan experiencing the NIGHT Pillow™ and becoming a big believer…which led to the mention of a Good Housekeeping contest, which led to our subsequent submission into said contest, which led to a qualification in the final round which led to a trip down to sunny Florida and a relationship with HSN. Which has led to a host of other opportunities.

One of our few rules at Discover NIGHT HQ: no matter how much success comes our way, never stop appreciating every single legit AF human that has helped us along the way.

So, when an order came through recently from Kristie Streicher (a.k.a the eyebrow whisperer), we obvi jumped at the chance to show our love back to this O.G. supporter and credited her back in full.  

BTW: real deal again -  influential people almost never pay for product – so you can appreciate our surprise when Kristie Streicher called to personally thank us for this gesture. She also may have mentioned that she loves the NIGHT Pillow™ so much she travels with it internationally. And, rattled off a list of celeb clients that now sleep with NIGHT thanks to the recommendation of her and her sisters. Like we said - legit AF humans!

Summary: The Streicher sisters should be guaranteed a spot in heaven. And, if you haven’t figured out the answer to the riddle yet: what do a rock star glam squad to the stars + Good Housekeeping + Marcia Clark (played on TV) have in common? The NIGHT Pillow™.

Kalle Simpson
Kalle Simpson


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Susan Simpson
Susan Simpson

October 06, 2016

That is a great story! So true that there are still people out there that are just legit human beings. Also funny how one thing can lead to another and all of the sudden because of that one twist of fate …. voila “overNIGHT success”. Keep being real! You have a great product …IT speaks for itself .. although a few celebrities never hurt ?

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