The Science Behind Beauty Sleep

The Science Behind Beauty Sleep

No beauty tool can beat a good night’s sleep. That’s the philosophy NIGHT was founded on. We create products that harness the power of sleep for better skin and hair while you rest. “Beauty sleep”—what a famous cliché. But now, there’s science to back up the NIGHT philosophy (though its not like we needed it).

 A new study has shown that 60% of people find that a good night’s sleep improves their appearance. And that those who can find a way to catch 9+ hours of the stuff per night see increased effectiveness of sleep on their looks.

Participants in the study reported these #killer stats:


44% of people reported improved overall demeanor

42% reported brighter eyes

21% reported brighter complexion

17% reported fewer wrinkles

11% improved skin condition

    Sleep expert Neil Robinson noted that a good night’s sleep might be the key to a “better appearance,” but you already knew that.

    Ready to look as good as you feel?


    NIGHT Mantra: Must Love Dogs

    NIGHT Mantra: Must Love Dogs

    As a small but mighty team, we spend our days very focused and embrace caffeine in many forms to keep the momentum going. But want to know how to distract us? Bring a dog to the office. Everyone who works at NIGHT loves dogs and it’s something we bond over.

    But the fact is—the love goes both ways. Dogs LOVE NIGHT.  Labs, Goldens, Bulldogs, Pomeranians, Mutts…we could go on and on. We receive pictures via text, email and on social media of dogs, peacefully resting their heads on NIGHT Pillows, with and without their owners.

    You may be asking yourself: Why? Well, besides the obvious: dogs are extremely smart creatures and have great taste…here are three reasons:

    1. Smooth and gentle sleep surface: The top-quality mulberry silk used in the TriSilk Pillowcase allows hair to glide effortlessly across without pulling or tugging. Goodbye bedhead (and hello less shedding in this case). It is also custom-fit and expertly designed with a hint of spandex to produce a wrinkle-free, perfectly smooth environment. Our canine friends can appreciate this top-notch engineering for a most enjoyable experience.
    2. Sleeps cool, no sweat: No one and no dog wants to deal with non-breathable bedding that produces sweat and general discomfort. The NIGHT Pillow provides a cool sleep experience thanks to the oxygenated foam and the mulberry silk.
    3. Deeper sleep = better dreams: Ok, we may be stretching here…but the dogs just look so happy when they sleep on NIGHT Pillows! We do know that NIGHT Pillows support deeper, more restorative sleep thanks to the self-adjusting memory foam and the signature black hue, so why can’t we assume that better dreams come along with it?? We like to believe the pups are thinking about peanut butter, long runs in the park and cuddles with their owners.

    Final conclusion: Dogs know best and they love NIGHT Pillows for good reason. Follow their lead and invest in a NIGHT Pillow.


    Sleeping on Satin vs Silk

    Sleeping on Satin vs Silk

    Satin this and silk that; you hear the two materials thrown around and often used as synonyms. But the truth is that these materials are different and it is important to understand how as you make the right bedding decision for you and your beauty game.

    Let’s start with the how they are similar when used in bedding. Both satin and silk support healthy skin and hair while you sleep. Either of these materials is going to boost your beauty game more than more traditional bedding materials (ahem, cotton). Why? Because while other materials may tug at your hair follicles and strip your skin of natural, important oils, satin and silk provide a smooth sleep surface. Skin and hair gently glide across as you catch z’s, reducing friction and leaving your skin and hair hydrated. This is key in helping to reduce bedhead, hair breakage, fine lines and wrinkles and dull, dry skin.

    Now for the key difference. Silk is a natural material produced by the silk worm. Satin was originally produced as a weave using silk fibers to enhance the look and feel of the material (think: extra shiny and smooth). Slowly over time, this same effect could be achieved incorporating sophisticated manmade fibers, leading to today's ability to produce satin as a solely synthetic fiber. This alone immediately presents a difference in price for the consumer. Satin is a more affordable material than silk. So as we like to say here at NIGHT headquarters, if you have champagne taste but are on a budget, satin is your best beauty sleep solution. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience, silk is for you.

    As silk is a natural fiber, it does offer an important additional benefit. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which keeps your sleep surface clear of allergens, dust mites and mold aka skin irritants that can cause breakouts. For acne prone skin, this is key to consider, and something that we hear many dermatologists call out.

    Net net- making the switch to satin OR silk is a no brainer. You’ll wake up fresher and be out the door faster with less time messing with your hair and skin. Choosing between satin and silk is a personal choice, depending on your budget and skin concerns.

    Have follow up questions? The NIGHT team is always happy to help! Email




    December 07, 2017 — Caitlin Collins
    How to Wake Up with Gorgeous Hair

    How to Wake Up with Gorgeous Hair

    Pretty sure we can all agree that it would be a dream come true to cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning without compromising on the glam factor. Whether that allows time to actually sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee at home or to catch some extra zzz’s, every minute counts and is appreciated!

    Rockstar hairstylist (and NIGHT Pillow lover!) Matt Fugate let us in on a few secrets he shares with his celebrity clients on little measures to take in the evening before bed that support waking up with hair on point.

    1. Embrace your inner unicorn.

    You may have heard this one before, but don’t miss Matt’s take. Matt explained that sleeping in a top knot is best for those of us without bangs and normal to long hair. “Form the top knot as high as possible, closer to your face than you may wear during the day, like a unicorn horn just above your forehead”. Matt went on to advise that as you pull the top knot up, keep the hair at the base of the neck tight using a brush. Once the back is tight, loosely secure the rest of the hair with your hands so that there isn’t stretching around the hairline. Matt explained that the top knot keeps the hair out of your sleep surface for less friction and static throughout the night plus with the hair in the back pulled tightly, you’re less likely to create heat and sweat.

    1. Flashback to the 80s.

    Matt divulged that although he can’t vouch for the scrunchie look during the day, he is all about it at night. He said that a tight elastic causes too much tension, whereas a scrunchie or coil elastic will provide the hold without the kinks and tension headache.

    1. Show your hair some love.

    A little product can go a long way. Matt said that he swears by a light dust of dry shampoo right around the hair line, especially by the nape of the neck. “Applying this before bed can be a great preventative measure to help a good blow out last longer.”

    Matt also said that the night is a great time for treatment and repair. “Apply a few drops of Kerastase Initialiste to your roots before getting into bed.” He explained that this practice serves multiple purposes because giving yourself a little scalp massage is a great way to relax and unwind. Add to it that this product cleanses the hair follicles and supports healthy hair growth = #winning. The best part? He said that letting the product soak into the roots overnight will not leave the hair greasy at all.

    So there you have it—follow these steps and then rest your head on the NIGHT Pillow to prevent split ends and hair loss from the inside and out!