Must-read Travel Tips from 4 Beauty Experts

Must-read Travel Tips from 4 Beauty Experts

“Traveling does wonders for my skin and hair,” said no one ever. But perhaps you’ve seen people stepping off a plane looking flawless? Well of course they have secrets. No one puts in zero beauty effort while traveling and gets away with it! So bring on the tips, tricks and insider secrets!

To celebrate the launch of the NIGHT Pillow compression case, we spoke with some of our favorite beauty experts to get the scoop on upping your beauty game in tough travel conditions. Between being able to easily take your NIGHT Pillow with you wherever you go and their game-changing advice, consider yourself celebrity jetsetter status. 

Here’s what they had to say…

“Packing my beauty products used to stress me out but now I collect samples and minis of my favorite brands and store them in a pouch that’s actually made to store a wet bathing suit (ha!). It sounds weird, but it’s lined with a wipeable material so if my moisturizer explodes during a flight, the clean-up is easy. I always keep the pouch filled with baby toothpaste, razor, face wash, SPF, moisturizer, face oil, self-tanner wipes, etc. so I have everything I need in one spot. I literally grab it and go. It’s a fun way to try out new products that I don’t use on a daily basis. If/whenever possible, I fly without wearing makeup (just skincare) and I love to use undereye patches while en route. Upon arrival, I pull them off and instantly feel refreshed. I also use a facial self-tanner (I love the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads) the night before I travel so I look glowy when I get to my destination.”

 -Heather Muir Maffei, Beauty Director at Real Simple and Health Magazine

"Dry plane air can suck the moisture right out of your skin, so I always make sure to BYO hydration! I bring my own empty water bottle to refill at the airport, en route, and when I land. I pack my favorite tea bags (usually spearmint since the spice is a known skin-enhancer) to dip in hot water for extra nourishment, and I bring a face spritz to use throughout a long trip as needed." 

-Alexis Farah, Freelance Writer and Founder of Random Acts of Lipstick

“When I travel I always bring makeup products that are in cushion form. Now everything from foundation to blush and highlighter come in a cushion compact, and I love it because it's leak free, easy to throw into your bag, comes with a built-in mirror and the formulas usually give your skin a really beautiful, dewy glow that you can't always get from stick products (the other easy-to-travel-with makeup form). Plus I've found that cushion compact foundations and blushes really give your skin a nice youthful finish that photographs really well!”

-Carolyn Hsu, Site Director at New Beauty

“I love clothes that are still chic but comfy.  I’m not that person that can travel in 6-inch stilettos and tight outfits, so I try to go for cute coordinates that are still tasteful.  My eye mask and Barefoot Dreams shawl are a must because I’m always freezing on planes!  I also try to stay extremely hydrated by drinking tons of water (planes dry me out!) and love to spritz my Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist in the middle of the flight, especially on redeyes.”

-Brittney Levine, On-Air Style & Trend Expert and Host of Marie Claire’s “The Fix”

4 Reasons to Love Tomorrow After Sleeping on a NIGHT Pillow

4 Reasons to Love Tomorrow After Sleeping on a NIGHT Pillow

Let us guess...

Your weekend was amazing and now you are dreading that early Monday morning alarm clock because it means a long work week ahead. #SAME. We get it.

But we are all about staying positive here at NIGHT HQ, so here are four reasons to look forward to waking up on Monday morning after sleeping on a NIGHT pillow.

1. Deep Sleep = High Functioning Brain

#Fact: The signature black hue of the NIGHT pillow is engineered to help boost melatonin production so you sleep deeply. You’ll wake up as 100% productive as your colleague who says she, “stayed at home and did laundry this weekend.”

2. No Morning Shame

Still had some residual makeup on from the wild weekend? Avoid the sad reminder of nights past as the black silk will work to hide any sign of it. Judgment-free wake up guaranteed. 

3. Hair On Point

We want you to snooze that alarm clock and catch extra Z's, which means your Sunday blow out needs to stay fresh to death for your Monday work day. Preserve your locks with the finest silk pillowcase on the market, that doesn’t cause frizz. The NIGHT pillow ensures you’re ready to be #flawless come 8am.

4. Signs of Exhaustion? Not here.

Maintain hydrated, youthful skin and hair with the NIGHT pillow, leaving you looking like you spent the weekend at the spa, drinking green tea and meditating. No dark circles, sleep creases, or split ends here.

#Sundayscaries are for people who don’t sleep with NIGHT. Beat them forever.


10 Expert Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

10 Expert Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

Have you ever not been able to fall asleep because your mind is racing? Or maybe you’ve fallen sound asleep after a long day…only to wake up 20 minutes later with eyes wide open? At NIGHT, we talk about sleep pretty much 24-7 and we hear this kind of feedback all the time, especially with our home base in NYC, the city that never sleeps.

We caught up with Alexandra Janelli, one of New York City’s premier hypnotherapists and fellow believer in the power of restorative sleep, to shed some light on how she helps her celebrity clients catch better zzz’s.

Here are her ten tips to boost your sleep game, because we believe sleep should be at the top of everyone’s priority list:

  1. Don’t try so hard. “Stop trying to turn off your mind. Your mind never turns off even when you are sleeping.” Alexandra recommended listening to the thoughts and letting them flow, versus trying to control them.
  2. Catalogue your day. Alexandra explained that digestion of the day is the first step to letting go. “Start from the beginning of your day and go step by step, noting each thing you did that day from getting up and brushing your teeth to going to bed.”
  3. Consider using a journal. Clear your mind by writing your thoughts down. Alexandra told us this is a great way to consciously and subconsciously dump all the thoughts in your head out on paper.
  4. Get out of your head and into your body. “Sleep is about relaxation. Relaxation and stress cannot coexist.” Alexandra recommended thinking about sending a message to each muscle in your body to relax. Go slow and see how heavy and loose you can make each muscle feel.
  5. Forgive yourself. We need a reminder sometimes that we are not perfect! “There may be many things you didn’t accomplish today. Beating yourself up can only cause more anxiety.” Alexandra said to create a plan by making a to do list for tomorrow and then leave today to be yesterday. 
  6. Accept that not every night will be a "good night sleep". “What happens in your day can be directly correlated to how well you sleep or don’t sleep. By holding a high sleep quality bar for every night, despite what happened in your day, the more you are setting yourself up for failure.” Alexandra explained that sometimes acceptance can alleviate the fear.
  7. Think positive. Alexandra said that by thinking "what if I don't sleep tonight?" you are already planting a subconscious suggestion and influencing a behavior of not sleeping well. “Reframe your thinking to positive ego boosting suggestions, telling yourself that tonight you will sleep.”
  8. Embrace the night. “Frustration increases stress.” Alexandra encouraged thinking of ways in which you can embrace the night when you are awake. Beating yourself up only leads to more stress and less possibility for falling back asleep.
  9. Make your bed a comfortable, relaxing environment. Alexandra explained that it is important to take your time finding the right bedding and build a comfortable, dark environment, conducive to quiet, restful sleep.
  10. Use guided hypnosis recordings. “There are many apps and recordings on YouTube that can help filter your thoughts and redirect your mind to a state of calm. These recordings can help bring you through the different brainwave lengths to a state of deep sleep.” Alexandra suggested trying her Theta Springs Sleep Better Hypnotherapy Program.
Inspired to get your sleep on? Try the 15 minute power nap collaboration between Alexandra and NIGHT. Hint: it is most effective when resting your head on a NIGHT Pillow ; )