How Your Pillow Affects Your Beauty Game: Celebrity Skincare Specialist Drops Knowledge

How Your Pillow Affects Your Beauty Game: Celebrity Skincare Specialist Drops Knowledge

If you follow Mario Dedivanovic on social media, you’ve seen his A+ selfie game…which often features him resting on a certain black silk pillow. You guessed it—that’s the NIGHT Pillow. He’s a huge fan and obviously we are huge fans of him. And since we know that legit AF people roll with fellow legit AF people, we had to reach out when Mario featured his go-to for all things skincare, Laura Dyer. Laura is the Physician Assistant with Dr. Amy Wechsler and a celebrity skincare specialist. She put the NIGHT Pillow to the test and (spoiler alert) she loves it!

We asked Laura for her expert advice on a few questions we are asked on the reg so she could shed light on how your pillow affects your beauty game…big time.

Can your pillow really affect your skin and hair? 

Laura: Absolutely. You spend 8 hours a night on your pillow. That is 1/3 of your day or 1/3 of your life. Cotton pillows pull moisture out of your hair and skin leaving you looking dry and dull. The moisture pulled into the pillow can also draw in allergens and bacteria causing damage and reactions to your hair and skin.  The moisture in the cotton fibers cause significant friction of the hair and skin leading to unwanted hair breakage, hair loss, split ends, facial wrinkles, acne, and dull skin. 

Can your pillow affect the efficacy of face cream you apply at night? 

Laura: Because cotton draws in moisture, it will do the same with your face creams.  Therefore, anything you're putting on your face at night, you're putting onto your cotton pillow.  Sleeping on a silk surface allows the moisture to stay on your face and allows the creams to penetrate your skin and work instead of penetrating the pillow.

Can you tell us why deep sleep in general is crucial to upping your beauty game

Laura: Deep sleep is important for a number of reasons.  When you are sleeping, that is when your body resets hydration levels and when growth hormones repair cells to restore beauty.   A deep sleep allows hydration levels to properly rebalance giving your skin moisture, making wrinkles less apparent and giving skin a nice glow.  Increased moisture to hair follicles can lead to healthier hair.  Not enough deep sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released. Increased cortisol increases inflammation which can worsen skin conditions such as acne or eczema, and can also prematurely breakdown collagen and hyaluronic acid causing skin to lose laxity and become dull. If hydration levels do not rebalance, this can lead to puffy eyes and the dry skin which can make wrinkles more visible.

How often should you wash your pillowcase?

Laura: Cotton pillowcases need to be washed every 2-3 days because they pull so much moisture, bacteria and allergens. The Night pillowcase can be washed every 1-2 weeks because it does not collect bacteria and allergens. 

What is your best anti-aging night time advice? 

Laura: Stay hydrated. Use a reparative night cream and eye cream. Sleep on your back when possible. Always sleep on a silk pillowcase and use the NIGHT Pillow. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, you should take advantage of this time and get a better night’s sleep, better skin and better hair.  

5 Shocking Sleep Facts

5 Shocking Sleep Facts

Oh sleep, how we love you so. NIGHT was built on the belief that sleep is a powerful tool, and with the right products to support your *best sleep*, it leads to feeling and looking better.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, but is that all there is to know about sleep?  Check out these sleep facts:

1. 12% of people dream in black and white.

Studies show that before color television, only 15% of people dreamt in color. Thanks to color television (scientists think) we’re all seeing colors.

2. World record for longest time without sleep: 11 Days 

In 1964 Randy Gardner set the record for the longest period of time without sleeping. Under close observation by scientists, Gardner went 264 hours without any shut eye.


3. Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than food deprivation

Stranded on an island? Best to get some rest. Although neither types of deprivation come recommended, after several days without sleep, you’d lose almost all ability to function.

4. Fear isn’t the most common sleepy time emotion

Despite countless stories of nightmares and terrors, scientists have found that the emotions most commonly felt during sleep/dream states are sorrow, guilt, and confusion. Still a bummer.

5. High Earners get the best sleep

 According to the British Bedtime Report (yes, that’s a thing) people who make equivalent to upwards of 80K per year get 34% better sleep. 

The takeaway? Sleep is unbelievably important. And a very worthwhile place to invest in. Want to get a better night's sleep? 



What Self-Care is Really About

What Self-Care is Really About

There's a lot of buzz about self-care in the beauty landscape now, but that doesn't mean self-care has to look one way. We sat down with 5 women to hear their takes on what self-care is really about.
Foam 101: Your Questions on Memory Foam Answered

Foam 101: Your Questions on Memory Foam Answered

Real talk: not one of us on the NIGHT squad loved memory foam when we started working on this brand. We joke about how skeptical we were that the hero product, the sleep-enhancing and beauty-boosting NIGHT Pillow features a memory foam base.

As we talk to more and more consumers, we have realized that we were not alone; a good percentage of the population has a negative opinion on memory foam. Sad.

Flash forward to today: we are memory foam > filled pillows all the way. It is NIGHT’s unique, high quality, air light memory foam that has converted us. We have so many interesting memory foam convos via phone and email, we decided to share some insights here on the blog.

Below are the top questions we receive on memory foam, straight from our customers. In fact, a memory foam conversation can go a little something like this:

“Seriously tho, why are you guys so obsessed with your memory foam?”

Not going to lie, we are pretty obsessed with our memory foam. Memory foam (done right) provides the perfect balance between comfort and support. Check out this YouTube video of our egg test comparing memory foam to filled pillows in their ability to achieve this delicate balance.

Also, memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic, so dust mites, allergens and pollutants won’t build up inside your pillow. Considering that other pillows can be bacterially indistinguishable from a toilet seat (yes, science says), this is a pretty important point to consider.

“Ok that’s legit. But my experience with memory foam is that it [insert: is as heavy as a brick, sleeps hot, holds its shape too rigidly, etc etc]. How is yours different?”

Love that you are asking this because ours IS different. Our unique memory foam is oxygenated, making it the lightest, airiest and fluffiest memory foam on the market. It is specially designed to “recover” i.e. regain its shape quickly, so that as you move in your sleep, it does the work to self-adjust and keep your neck and head aligned and supported. The light nature of our foam allows for ideal air flow for a cool, comfortable sleep experience.

“Wow, good stuff. But I’ve heard memory foam can have a funny smell. What’s the deal?”

Yes, this is a process called off-gassing. As part of the production of memory foam, there is a short period where compounds can break apart and produce a gas, hence the term off-gassing. No studies have shown that the off-gassing process is toxic or dangerous, but if you are sensitive to smell, it may be unpleasant for a few days. On our end, we do our very best to complete any off-gassing at our production facility (located here in the USA in Detroit) so that by the time the pillow arrives at your door, you will not experience any odor whatsoever. If by chance you do, we hope you will holler at us right away because we maintain top notch customer service and you can be rest assured we will take care of any issue.

“Word. I’ve seen pictures of your foam- what’s up with the craters in the foam?”

Craters in foam = high quality foam. All higher quality memory foam has craters because of individual air bubbles that form during the custom molding and manufacturing process. Here’s a quick video to show how our foam is individually hand-poured into a custom mold and then trimmed and inspected for top quality assurance right here in the USA.

“Ok, last question. I want to get my money’s worth. Do memory foam pillows last as long as filled pillows?”

General rule of thumb is that you should replace filled pillows every 18 months, unless you are extremely dedicated to washing it on a regular basis. Then you may be able to hold onto it a little longer…but remember what science says about that pillow and a toilet seat. Gross.

For memory foam pillows, it is recommended that you replace them every three years. No maintenance necessary because of the naturally hypoallergenic nature of the foam.

 “Well damn…I think I need to try this memory foam for myself. Can I place an order right now?”

Yes, yes you can.


NIGHT Mantra: Must Love Dogs

NIGHT Mantra: Must Love Dogs

As a small but mighty team, we spend our days very focused and embrace caffeine in many forms to keep the momentum going. But want to know how to distract us? Bring a dog to the office. Everyone who works at NIGHT loves dogs and it’s something we bond over.

But the fact is—the love goes both ways. Dogs LOVE NIGHT.  Labs, Goldens, Bulldogs, Pomeranians, Mutts…we could go on and on. We receive pictures via text, email and on social media of dogs, peacefully resting their heads on NIGHT Pillows, with and without their owners.

You may be asking yourself: Why? Well, besides the obvious: dogs are extremely smart creatures and have great taste…here are three reasons:

  1. Smooth and gentle sleep surface: The top-quality mulberry silk used in the TriSilk Pillowcase allows hair to glide effortlessly across without pulling or tugging. Goodbye bedhead (and hello less shedding in this case). It is also custom-fit and expertly designed with a hint of spandex to produce a wrinkle-free, perfectly smooth environment. Our canine friends can appreciate this top-notch engineering for a most enjoyable experience.
  2. Sleeps cool, no sweat: No one and no dog wants to deal with non-breathable bedding that produces sweat and general discomfort. The NIGHT Pillow provides a cool sleep experience thanks to the oxygenated foam and the mulberry silk.
  3. Deeper sleep = better dreams: Ok, we may be stretching here…but the dogs just look so happy when they sleep on NIGHT Pillows! We do know that NIGHT Pillows support deeper, more restorative sleep thanks to the self-adjusting memory foam and the signature black hue, so why can’t we assume that better dreams come along with it?? We like to believe the pups are thinking about peanut butter, long runs in the park and cuddles with their owners.

Final conclusion: Dogs know best and they love NIGHT Pillows for good reason. Follow their lead and invest in a NIGHT Pillow.


Must-read Travel Tips from 4 Beauty Experts

Must-read Travel Tips from 4 Beauty Experts

“Traveling does wonders for my skin and hair,” said no one ever. But perhaps you’ve seen people stepping off a plane looking flawless? Well of course they have secrets. No one puts in zero beauty effort while traveling and gets away with it! So bring on the tips, tricks and insider secrets!

To celebrate the launch of the NIGHT Pillow compression case, we spoke with some of our favorite beauty experts to get the scoop on upping your beauty game in tough travel conditions. Between being able to easily take your NIGHT Pillow with you wherever you go and their game-changing advice, consider yourself celebrity jetsetter status. 

Here’s what they had to say…

“Packing my beauty products used to stress me out but now I collect samples and minis of my favorite brands and store them in a pouch that’s actually made to store a wet bathing suit (ha!). It sounds weird, but it’s lined with a wipeable material so if my moisturizer explodes during a flight, the clean-up is easy. I always keep the pouch filled with baby toothpaste, razor, face wash, SPF, moisturizer, face oil, self-tanner wipes, etc. so I have everything I need in one spot. I literally grab it and go. It’s a fun way to try out new products that I don’t use on a daily basis. If/whenever possible, I fly without wearing makeup (just skincare) and I love to use undereye patches while en route. Upon arrival, I pull them off and instantly feel refreshed. I also use a facial self-tanner (I love the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads) the night before I travel so I look glowy when I get to my destination.”

 -Heather Muir Maffei, Beauty Director at Real Simple and Health Magazine

"Dry plane air can suck the moisture right out of your skin, so I always make sure to BYO hydration! I bring my own empty water bottle to refill at the airport, en route, and when I land. I pack my favorite tea bags (usually spearmint since the spice is a known skin-enhancer) to dip in hot water for extra nourishment, and I bring a face spritz to use throughout a long trip as needed." 

-Alexis Farah, Freelance Writer and Founder of Random Acts of Lipstick

“When I travel I always bring makeup products that are in cushion form. Now everything from foundation to blush and highlighter come in a cushion compact, and I love it because it's leak free, easy to throw into your bag, comes with a built-in mirror and the formulas usually give your skin a really beautiful, dewy glow that you can't always get from stick products (the other easy-to-travel-with makeup form). Plus I've found that cushion compact foundations and blushes really give your skin a nice youthful finish that photographs really well!”

-Carolyn Hsu, Site Director at New Beauty

“I love clothes that are still chic but comfy.  I’m not that person that can travel in 6-inch stilettos and tight outfits, so I try to go for cute coordinates that are still tasteful.  My eye mask and Barefoot Dreams shawl are a must because I’m always freezing on planes!  I also try to stay extremely hydrated by drinking tons of water (planes dry me out!) and love to spritz my Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist in the middle of the flight, especially on redeyes.”

-Brittney Levine, On-Air Style & Trend Expert and Host of Marie Claire’s “The Fix”

4 Reasons to Love Tomorrow After Sleeping on a NIGHT Pillow

4 Reasons to Love Tomorrow After Sleeping on a NIGHT Pillow

Let us guess...

Your weekend was amazing and now you are dreading that early Monday morning alarm clock because it means a long work week ahead. #SAME. We get it.

But we are all about staying positive here at NIGHT HQ, so here are four reasons to look forward to waking up on Monday morning after sleeping on a NIGHT pillow.

1. Deep Sleep = High Functioning Brain

#Fact: The signature black hue of the NIGHT pillow is engineered to help boost melatonin production so you sleep deeply. You’ll wake up as 100% productive as your colleague who says she, “stayed at home and did laundry this weekend.”

2. No Morning Shame

Still had some residual makeup on from the wild weekend? Avoid the sad reminder of nights past as the black silk will work to hide any sign of it. Judgment-free wake up guaranteed. 

3. Hair On Point

We want you to snooze that alarm clock and catch extra Z's, which means your Sunday blow out needs to stay fresh to death for your Monday work day. Preserve your locks with the finest silk pillowcase on the market, that doesn’t cause frizz. The NIGHT pillow ensures you’re ready to be #flawless come 8am.

4. Signs of Exhaustion? Not here.

Maintain hydrated, youthful skin and hair with the NIGHT pillow, leaving you looking like you spent the weekend at the spa, drinking green tea and meditating. No dark circles, sleep creases, or split ends here.

#Sundayscaries are for people who don’t sleep with NIGHT. Beat them forever.


NIGHT Newcomers: Answer These Two Simple Questions

NIGHT Newcomers: Answer These Two Simple Questions

It is always exciting here at NIGHT HQ when we launch a new product, and the Tri-Silk Pillowcase, specially designed to fit any pillow, is certainly no exception. But if you are new to our brand, you may be wondering – what is best for me? The TriSilk Pillowcase OR the NIGHT Pillow? Well don’t fret, as usual, we have your back. Take a moment to answer these two questions and then you’ll be ready to get in bed with the best NIGHT product for you.

1. Do you want to effortlessly add beauty benefits to your nightly shut eye?


Added benefits when all you have to do is close your eyes and go to sleep? YES PLEASE. The first thing we have confirmed is that you do make solid life choices…and are in fact in the market for either the TriSilk Pillowcase or the NIGHT Pillow.


Seriously? Go ahead and think about that one again.

2. Do you think the pillow you currently sleep on is absolutely amazing and providing you with the best sleep possible?


Damn, let us know what pillow you are sleeping on! But seriously, that’s awesome. Now consider covering that pillow with our TriSilk Pillowcase, a proprietary spandex silk formula designed to moisturize and protect you precious skin and hair. Our signature midnight black hue negates light, acting like a built-in sleep mask and providing you with that deep, restorative sleep that keeps you looking and feeling youthful.



You aren’t alone. In fact, this is the answer we hear far more often. Consider trying something new: the NIGHT Pillow aka full NIGHT experience.  The NIGHT Pillow is a lightweight memory foam pillow combined with a custom-fit TriSilk pillowcase to fully maximize your shut eye. The advanced engineered memory foam sleeps cool and provides comfort and support in every sleep position while the custom-fit TriSilk Pillowcase moisturizes and protects your skin and hair. As mentioned above, our signature black hue negates light, acting like a built-in sleep mask. This is the real deal and the total package.


Why The NIGHT Pillow Only Comes in Black

Why The NIGHT Pillow Only Comes in Black

NIGHT Pillow = All Love

NIGHT Pillow = All Love

Whether you love it or not, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. And, finding the perfect way to show you care can be daunting.

Rest easy because as always NIGHT has your back (and neck). Here are 4 reasons the NIGHT Pillow™ is your solution no matter your V-Day sitch.

1. Fits in Any Diet:

NIGHT pillows

Many of us are still trying to keep up with our New Year’s health goals. And, who knows if that box of chocolate offers gluten free, diary free, vegan, kosher, or nut free options. The NIGHT Pillow™ is all of the above and it’s calorie free allowing more time in bed and less time at the gym.

2. Always the Right Size:

NIGHT pillows

We get it, you want your bae to feel sexy, but buying something like lingerie is risky. Go too big = dog house. Go too small = dog house. The  NIGHT Pillow's TriSilk pillowcase not only promotes healthier skin and hair so you look sexier, but its supple, luxurious texture will make you feel sexy as well. And, the air light memory foam self-adjusts to each individual’s anatomy for an easy one size fits all choice.

3. Love is Love:

NIGHT pillows

Maybe you are buying for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mama, pop, grandma, grandpap, daughter, son, sis, bro, bestie, or gayestie –it doesn't matter because NIGHT is appropriate for all! Designed with both women's and men's needs in mind it works for either sex, it can be doubled up for a perfect couple gift, and is the best way to comfort that single friend so they never spend another NIGHT alone.

4. Helps you Get Laid:

NIGHT pillows

 Let’s face it, we all want the same thing. And, the NIGHT Pillow is designed to help get yo sexy back in more ways than one. First, it promotes a deeper and more restorative rest, which according to a recent study at Kent State University, is critical to your libido. The study showed each additional hour of sleep is correlated with a 14% rise in the likelihood of having some type of sexual activity with a partner. Meaning, if you love them, help them sleep! Furthermore, the NIGHT Pillow™ was designed to make you look and feel your best making you #irresistible.


February 02, 2017 — Kalle Simpson
How to Wake Up with Gorgeous Hair

How to Wake Up with Gorgeous Hair

Pretty sure we can all agree that it would be a dream come true to cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning without compromising on the glam factor. Whether that allows time to actually sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee at home or to catch some extra zzz’s, every minute counts and is appreciated!

Rockstar hairstylist (and NIGHT Pillow lover!) Matt Fugate let us in on a few secrets he shares with his celebrity clients on little measures to take in the evening before bed that support waking up with hair on point.

  1. Embrace your inner unicorn.

You may have heard this one before, but don’t miss Matt’s take. Matt explained that sleeping in a top knot is best for those of us without bangs and normal to long hair. “Form the top knot as high as possible, closer to your face than you may wear during the day, like a unicorn horn just above your forehead”. Matt went on to advise that as you pull the top knot up, keep the hair at the base of the neck tight using a brush. Once the back is tight, loosely secure the rest of the hair with your hands so that there isn’t stretching around the hairline. Matt explained that the top knot keeps the hair out of your sleep surface for less friction and static throughout the night plus with the hair in the back pulled tightly, you’re less likely to create heat and sweat.

  1. Flashback to the 80s.

Matt divulged that although he can’t vouch for the scrunchie look during the day, he is all about it at night. He said that a tight elastic causes too much tension, whereas a scrunchie or coil elastic will provide the hold without the kinks and tension headache.

  1. Show your hair some love.

A little product can go a long way. Matt said that he swears by a light dust of dry shampoo right around the hair line, especially by the nape of the neck. “Applying this before bed can be a great preventative measure to help a good blow out last longer.”

Matt also said that the night is a great time for treatment and repair. “Apply a few drops of Kerastase Initialiste to your roots before getting into bed.” He explained that this practice serves multiple purposes because giving yourself a little scalp massage is a great way to relax and unwind. Add to it that this product cleanses the hair follicles and supports healthy hair growth = #winning. The best part? He said that letting the product soak into the roots overnight will not leave the hair greasy at all.

So there you have it—follow these steps and then rest your head on the NIGHT Pillow to prevent split ends and hair loss from the inside and out! 

3 Reasons to Make Sleep Your New Year's Resolution

3 Reasons to Make Sleep Your New Year's Resolution

Looking for a strong New Year's resolution? Something that will 100% make this year better than the last?

We've got your answer: better sleep. And here are the top three reasons why.

1. Turbo Charges Other Resolutions:

Typically, the 3 most popular New Year’s Resolutions are:

    1. Get Healthy
    2. Get Organized
    3. Live Life to the Fullest

Great goals America, but did you know sleep will help you with all the above?

Let’s start with Get Healthy: The health benefits are endless - from controlling stress levels, managing weight, lessening the effects of depression, and negating the impact of aging -  upping your sleep game is a key to any health goal.  

Get Organized: Asana and calendar apps are great, but if you really want to get on top of life then make sure you are getting sufficient Zzzs. A good snooze will help with improving memory, aiding in cognition and overall productivity.

Live Life to the Fullest: It takes a lot of energy to carpe diem and think of sleep as Popeye's can of spinach - your secret vigor boosting weapon. It provides critical restoration to both your mind and body giving you the necessary energy to go sky diving or rocky mountain climbing.


2. Couldn't be Easier

Only 8% of Americans are successful at achieving their New Year's resolutions. The most effective way to achieve a goal? Make it attainable! First, unlike that trip around the world, sleep fits into any budget. Furthermore, there's no learning curve like that new instrument that you've been meaning to get into. You can do it solo or with another person so accommodates any relationship status. And, unlike 6am workouts, your body instinctively wants it.

3. Trend Right

Did we mention how many celebs and visionaries are behind the cause? Let's take boss lady Arianna Huffington for example. She feels so strongly about the importance of slumber that she resigned from Huffington Post to launch Thrive Global, a worldwide initiative pushing it. She's given a platform to other big timers who are believers in the cause including Sheryl Sandberg, Rebecca Minkoff and Selena Gomez. And, if that wasn't enough there's some divinity at play. Big Papi, Pope Francis himself, declared his support for the cause by recently sharing it's how he crushes his holy life.

So, if you want to be sure this year isn't just another exhausting resolute to sleep.

January 06, 2017 — Kalle Simpson