3 Reasons to Make Sleep Your New Year's Resolution

3 Reasons to Make Sleep Your New Year's Resolution

Looking for a strong New Year's resolution? Something that will 100% make this year better than the last?

We've got your answer: better sleep. And here are the top three reasons why.

1. Turbo Charges Other Resolutions:

Typically, the 3 most popular New Year’s Resolutions are:

    1. Get Healthy
    2. Get Organized
    3. Live Life to the Fullest

Great goals America, but did you know sleep will help you with all the above?

Let’s start with Get Healthy: The health benefits are endless - from controlling stress levels, managing weight, lessening the effects of depression, and negating the impact of aging -  upping your sleep game is a key to any health goal.  

Get Organized: Asana and calendar apps are great, but if you really want to get on top of life then make sure you are getting sufficient Zzzs. A good snooze will help with improving memory, aiding in cognition and overall productivity.

Live Life to the Fullest: It takes a lot of energy to carpe diem and think of sleep as Popeye's can of spinach - your secret vigor boosting weapon. It provides critical restoration to both your mind and body giving you the necessary energy to go sky diving or rocky mountain climbing.


2. Couldn't be Easier

Only 8% of Americans are successful at achieving their New Year's resolutions. The most effective way to achieve a goal? Make it attainable! First, unlike that trip around the world, sleep fits into any budget. Furthermore, there's no learning curve like that new instrument that you've been meaning to get into. You can do it solo or with another person so accommodates any relationship status. And, unlike 6am workouts, your body instinctively wants it.

3. Trend Right

Did we mention how many celebs and visionaries are behind the cause? Let's take boss lady Arianna Huffington for example. She feels so strongly about the importance of slumber that she resigned from Huffington Post to launch Thrive Global, a worldwide initiative pushing it. She's given a platform to other big timers who are believers in the cause including Sheryl Sandberg, Rebecca Minkoff and Selena Gomez. And, if that wasn't enough there's some divinity at play. Big Papi, Pope Francis himself, declared his support for the cause by recently sharing it's how he crushes his holy life.

So, if you want to be sure this year isn't just another exhausting year...be resolute to sleep.

January 06, 2017 — Kalle Simpson