Pack These 10 Essentials If You’re Going Away This Memorial Day Weekend

Pack These 10 Essentials If You’re Going Away This Memorial Day Weekend

Ready to get back out there in the world!? But wait, do you remember how to pack? 
Nothing worse than forgetting to pack that one crucial item. Per usual, the team at NIGHT has your back. Whether you’re headed to the beach or lake with friends or you're having a staycation at the pool with a backyard barbeque, this list has you covered. No matter your destination, it is vacation after all, so you should be relaxing! We’re sharing not only our MDW essentials, but also some of our favorite brands.


1. Sunglasses - DUH

When soaking up that sun, sunglasses are a must have. If you want a pair that blocks the sun while also looking stylish, Ray Ban’s Round Metal Sunglasses or Quay’s Black Farrah Round Frame Sunglasses are the way to go. These retro glasses provide a timeless look that can be worn not just this Memorial Day Weekend, but every summer. 

2. Seltzers...because what’s a summer party without White Claw?

What Memorial Day Weekend would be complete without a cold, refreshing seltzer in your hand? Start the holiday weekend right by trying a Pineapple High Noon or the new White Claw Surge. These drinks are packaged in cans that are easy to transport and carry in a bag.

3. Face Mask - safety first!

The mask rules are confusing - enough said. One thing we do know- wearing a mask mitigates the risk of contracting any viruses. And bonus - masks can also look chic and stylish if it is a NIGHT Silk Face Mask. This 100% Mulberry Silk face mask is ideal for skincare as it’s hypoallergenic, nonabsorbent, and keeps skin hydrated. 

4. Sunscreen - your skin will thank you 

No matter how badly you want to get that golden tan, take the extra five minutes to put on sunscreen. Preventing a painful, peeling sunburn is easy with Coola’s Classic Organic Sunscreen Stick. The portable stick of sunscreen provides a water-resistance base, perfect for this weekend’s activities. 

5. Scrunchies - but BETTER scrunchies

Whether you want your hair up or down, NIGHT’s Thin Silk Scrunchies are perfect. You can slide the scrunchies on your wrist to compliment your bracelets, providing a stylish and comfortable look, while always being prepared for that summer heat. Or, you can use these scrunchies to easily hold your hair in place on a hot, summer afternoon without causing hair damage, breakage, or those ugly creases caused by traditional hair ties. 

6. Koozie - you didn’t make the trek for a warm beverage

After hours in the blazing heat, no one wants to reach into their bag to find a warm water or a flat seltzer. Keep your beer, seltzer, or water cold this weekend with a BrüMate Hopsular Slim Can Cooler. The science-based technology guarantees you a refreshing beverage that fits into any cup holder. 

7. Travel Pillow- gotta catch the Zzz’s whenever you can

If you’re traveling this weekend, an easily carried travel pillow is crucial to get beauty sleep on the go. NIGHT’s Memory Foam Travel Pillow with Silk Pillowcase is middle seat approved for extreme support and comfort.

8. Beach Bag - chic AND functional is how we roll

Despite your destination, you need a neoprene bag- they’re all the rage this season! Try Qogir Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag. At only $40, this bag can fit all your weekend essentials including drinks, books, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Bonus: its neoprene material makes it easy to clean! 


9. Speaker - note: practice dance moves before leaving the house

To create an even bigger party this holiday, you need a portable speaker that plays your favorite songs--whether it be The Zac Brown Band or Harry Styles! The JBL BoomBox is the most powerful, waterproof, portable Bluetooth speaker and can play 24 hours of music without needing a charge.

10. Silk Triangle - key word: multi-functional 

You may be wondering what a Silk Triangle is and why exactly this is a must have this Memorial Day Weekend. NIGHT’s 100% Silk Triangle is a versatile accessory perfect for this weekend. You can wear it as a folded neck scarf, a triangle neck scarf, a headband, hair bandana or hair tie. The luxury silk is gentle on the hair and skin while also offering a chic and functional style. We are ALL for the hair bandana look right now. 

How Your Pillow Affects Your Beauty Game: Celebrity Skincare Specialist Drops Knowledge

How Your Pillow Affects Your Beauty Game: Celebrity Skincare Specialist Drops Knowledge

If you follow Mario Dedivanovic on social media, you’ve seen his A+ selfie game…which often features him resting on a certain black silk pillow. You guessed it—that’s the NIGHT Pillow. He’s a huge fan and obviously we are huge fans of him. And since we know that legit AF people roll with fellow legit AF people, we had to reach out when Mario featured his go-to for all things skincare, Laura Dyer. Laura is the Physician Assistant with Dr. Amy Wechsler and a celebrity skincare specialist. She put the NIGHT Pillow to the test and (spoiler alert) she loves it!

We asked Laura for her expert advice on a few questions we are asked on the reg so she could shed light on how your pillow affects your beauty game…big time.

Can your pillow really affect your skin and hair? 

Laura: Absolutely. You spend 8 hours a night on your pillow. That is 1/3 of your day or 1/3 of your life. Cotton pillows pull moisture out of your hair and skin leaving you looking dry and dull. The moisture pulled into the pillow can also draw in allergens and bacteria causing damage and reactions to your hair and skin.  The moisture in the cotton fibers cause significant friction of the hair and skin leading to unwanted hair breakage, hair loss, split ends, facial wrinkles, acne, and dull skin. 

Can your pillow affect the efficacy of face cream you apply at night? 

Laura: Because cotton draws in moisture, it will do the same with your face creams.  Therefore, anything you're putting on your face at night, you're putting onto your cotton pillow.  Sleeping on a silk surface allows the moisture to stay on your face and allows the creams to penetrate your skin and work instead of penetrating the pillow.

Can you tell us why deep sleep in general is crucial to upping your beauty game

Laura: Deep sleep is important for a number of reasons.  When you are sleeping, that is when your body resets hydration levels and when growth hormones repair cells to restore beauty.   A deep sleep allows hydration levels to properly rebalance giving your skin moisture, making wrinkles less apparent and giving skin a nice glow.  Increased moisture to hair follicles can lead to healthier hair.  Not enough deep sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released. Increased cortisol increases inflammation which can worsen skin conditions such as acne or eczema, and can also prematurely breakdown collagen and hyaluronic acid causing skin to lose laxity and become dull. If hydration levels do not rebalance, this can lead to puffy eyes and the dry skin which can make wrinkles more visible.

How often should you wash your pillowcase?

Laura: Cotton pillowcases need to be washed every 2-3 days because they pull so much moisture, bacteria and allergens. The Night pillowcase can be washed every 1-2 weeks because it does not collect bacteria and allergens. 

What is your best anti-aging night time advice? 

Laura: Stay hydrated. Use a reparative night cream and eye cream. Sleep on your back when possible. Always sleep on a silk pillowcase and use the NIGHT Pillow. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, you should take advantage of this time and get a better night’s sleep, better skin and better hair.  

Why Two Sides are Better than One

Why Two Sides are Better than One

At NIGHT, we’re pretty committed to doing everything a little different. And we firmly believe that beauty is multi-dimensional. That’s why we make products made to work on your skin and hair while maximizing the hours you can catch some Zz’s; our new Dual Sided Pillowcase is no different. We took a look at our product line and wondered why we didn’t have something that was customizable to the user’s needs. So we went out, like we do, and developed this double-sided-magi-refiffic pillowcase to help create balance for your skin and hair, whether you lean to the dry or oily side of life.

How it works: 

Side One is made of our classic mulberry silk to help maintain optimal moisture levels of dry skin and hair. It provides that one-of-a-kind smooth, NIGHT surface that won’t absorb moisture, or face creams from your best beauty assets. Wake up bedhead, breakout, and sleep crease free. 

Side Two is made from bamboo, which naturally wicks excess oil, moisture, and sweat away from your skin and hair, giving it a balancing boost so your skin and hair can get back to normal. Bamboo fibers are less abrasive than traditional pillowcase materials like cotton or jersey, so it won’t tug on your skin+hair, preserving the signature NIGHT benefits like eliminated bedhead, hair damage, and sleep creases. #YAS

We might be crazy, but we think we’re onto something. Here’s three reasons why two sides are better than one:


1. The seasons change, so should your beauty routine  

Pretty much no one’s talking about how skin and hair needs change with the seasons, but we are. Dry in the winter, and oily in the summer? Vice versa? All you’ve got to do is flip this baby over halfway through the year.


2.  Life ain’t consistent, so get something flexible

Hormones, diet, a broken AC, there’s no predicting what’s going to come up in the middle of the night. So even if you tend to be a little dry, some nights might call for something different — to avoid waking up with a bad hair day, or a #fresh blemish.

So, be prepared to look your best every morning, no matter what with the NIGHT Dual Sided pillowcase.


3. No two skin + hair types are the same, so get something that works for you

At some point along the way, beauty companies began to catch on to the fact that not everyone’s beauty needs are the same. Your moisturizer or shampoo specifies dry or oily skin/hair types, so why should your nighttime beauty routine be any different? The NIGHT Dual Sided Pillowcase was born from of this question, and was designed to ensure no matter what your skin and hair type is, you’ll wake up on the bright side.




June 05, 2018 — NIGHT squad
Sleeping on Satin vs Silk

Sleeping on Satin vs Silk

Satin this and silk that; you hear the two materials thrown around and often used as synonyms. But the truth is that these materials are different and it is important to understand how as you make the right bedding decision for you and your beauty game.

Let’s start with the how they are similar when used in bedding. Both satin and silk support healthy skin and hair while you sleep. Either of these materials is going to boost your beauty game more than more traditional bedding materials (ahem, cotton). Why? Because while other materials may tug at your hair follicles and strip your skin of natural, important oils, satin and silk provide a smooth sleep surface. Skin and hair gently glide across as you catch z’s, reducing friction and leaving your skin and hair hydrated. This is key in helping to reduce bedhead, hair breakage, fine lines and wrinkles and dull, dry skin.

Now for the key difference. Silk is a natural material produced by the silk worm. Satin was originally produced as a weave using silk fibers to enhance the look and feel of the material (think: extra shiny and smooth). Slowly over time, this same effect could be achieved incorporating sophisticated manmade fibers, leading to today's ability to produce satin as a solely synthetic fiber. This alone immediately presents a difference in price for the consumer. Satin is a more affordable material than silk. So as we like to say here at NIGHT headquarters, if you have champagne taste but are on a budget, satin is your best beauty sleep solution. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience, silk is for you.

As silk is a natural fiber, it does offer an important additional benefit. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which keeps your sleep surface clear of allergens, dust mites and mold aka skin irritants that can cause breakouts. For acne prone skin, this is key to consider, and something that we hear many dermatologists call out.

Net net- making the switch to satin OR silk is a no brainer. You’ll wake up fresher and be out the door faster with less time messing with your hair and skin. Choosing between satin and silk is a personal choice, depending on your budget and skin concerns.

Have follow up questions? The NIGHT team is always happy to help! Email




December 07, 2017 — Caitlin Collins
NIGHT Newcomers: Answer These Two Simple Questions

NIGHT Newcomers: Answer These Two Simple Questions

It is always exciting here at NIGHT HQ when we launch a new product, and the Tri-Silk Pillowcase, specially designed to fit any pillow, is certainly no exception. But if you are new to our brand, you may be wondering – what is best for me? The TriSilk Pillowcase OR the NIGHT Pillow? Well don’t fret, as usual, we have your back. Take a moment to answer these two questions and then you’ll be ready to get in bed with the best NIGHT product for you.

1. Do you want to effortlessly add beauty benefits to your nightly shut eye?


Added benefits when all you have to do is close your eyes and go to sleep? YES PLEASE. The first thing we have confirmed is that you do make solid life choices…and are in fact in the market for either the TriSilk Pillowcase or the NIGHT Pillow.


Seriously? Go ahead and think about that one again.

2. Do you think the pillow you currently sleep on is absolutely amazing and providing you with the best sleep possible?


Damn, let us know what pillow you are sleeping on! But seriously, that’s awesome. Now consider covering that pillow with our TriSilk Pillowcase, a proprietary spandex silk formula designed to moisturize and protect you precious skin and hair. Our signature midnight black hue negates light, acting like a built-in sleep mask and providing you with that deep, restorative sleep that keeps you looking and feeling youthful.



You aren’t alone. In fact, this is the answer we hear far more often. Consider trying something new: the NIGHT Pillow aka full NIGHT experience.  The NIGHT Pillow is a lightweight memory foam pillow combined with a custom-fit TriSilk pillowcase to fully maximize your shut eye. The advanced engineered memory foam sleeps cool and provides comfort and support in every sleep position while the custom-fit TriSilk Pillowcase moisturizes and protects your skin and hair. As mentioned above, our signature black hue negates light, acting like a built-in sleep mask. This is the real deal and the total package.


5 Tips for Maximizing Sleep with Your NIGHT Pillow™

5 Tips for Maximizing Sleep with Your NIGHT Pillow™

Congrats on getting in bed with NIGHT! You and your pillow are going to share a lot of awesome QT together (1/3 of your life actually). We guarantee NIGHT will treat you right, but here are five tips to get the most out of your experience:

  1. Sleep directly on the custom TriSilk™ moisturizing pillowcase pre-assembled on your NIGHT Pillow™ to maximize the benefits. No additional pillowcase needed!
  2. Avoid stacking other pillows above or below the NIGHT Pillow™. The height of the foam is engineered to be universally supportive.
  3. Sleep freely. Don’t concern yourself with your “normal sleep position.” Fact is the average person changes position 2-36 times a night. The NIGHT Pillow™ is advanced engineered to self-adjust for the perfect comfort and support in every position.
  4. Keep your sleep surface fresh—it’s so easy! The TriSilk™ moisturizing pillowcase is removable and machine washable. We recommend laundering it every other week or as needed. No need to worry about cleaning the self-adjusting memory foam core. It's hypoallergenic so stays so fresh and so clean without additional maintenance. 
  5. Don’t be scared that your pillow doesn’t look like your grandma’s. Our MidNIGHT black hue actually negates light promoting a deeper more restorative rest. Trust us once you sleep black, you won’t go back J

Give it time! Remember we have a 101 night no strings attached policy. So take your time. We recommend sleeping with the pillow for at least 10 nights before drawing a conclusion. Enjoy your #sleepwithbenefits!

Wait For It...

Wait For It...

Our top priority at NIGHT HQ is bedroom satisfaction. So we take feedback from our very wise customers seriously. Since inception we’ve noticed a consistent theme in customer feedback that we like to refer to as the “wait for it.” It goes something (or exactly) like this:

The first two nights I really didn’t like sleeping with the NIGHT Pillow™. Around night three, I started to feel neutral about it. From night five on, I can’t imagine sleeping with another pillow. I am totally OBSESSED.” – A real, very wise NIGHT customer

If you’ve ever made the leap to cleansing your face with a Clarisonic, brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush or, for the most daring, using natural deodorant, you know the drill. There’s an adjustment period…but at the end of the day (or night)—these products change your life!

So, what is it that takes time getting used to for the NIGHT pillow? Here’s the deal:

  1. Self-Adjusting Foam: Our proprietary oxygenated memory foam is advanced engineered to mold to the anatomy of your body and your comfort preference (i.e. what sleep positions you favor). But, it just needs a little time to get to know you first.
  2. Highest Quality Silk: Our unique TriSilk™ pillowcase is made of the highest quality mulberry silk, previously used only for high-end couture and never before seen in the bedding industry. The custom-fit prevents slipping and bunching, a technique also new to bedding. There is no doubt— this is a different sleep surface experience than the #basic cotton pillow…and your hair and skin will thank you for that.

For these reasons, we recommend sleeping with the NIGHT Pillow™ for at least 10 nights before drawing a conclusion. And, don’t forget, we guarantee satisfaction with a 101 night no strings attached policy. So take your time! 

Don’t let your NIGHT Pillow™ be the one that got away…it’s worth the wait ; )

October 06, 2016 — NIGHT squad