The Secret Sauce in NIGHT's Success

The Secret Sauce in NIGHT's Success

2017 was an absolute mic drop year for NIGHT. We crushed our retail launches: think Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, QVC. We extended our product line as well as launched a sister brand – SHINE by NIGHT. And, was shown love by some big names– cough:  World News Tonight, People Mag, The View etc.

The secret to our success?? ….we have some awesome fcking people on our side. 

These people come in different forms, positions, and relationships to us..but, they have one thing in common: They are believers in NIGHT and go the extra mile to move us forward. No amount of money or other asset on our balance sheet can compensate for what these legit AF humans bring to the table.

One day we will shower these people with jewels and adventures on yachts..but, in the interim, we show our love to these rock stars with a gift that doesn’t piss off our accountant– fresh sneaks. Because what better way to recognize the forward ‘steps’ that they help make happen? And, not just any sneaks – but, always, the Nike Cortez…

Why the Cortez? Nike’s first ever shoe was originally called the ‘Aztec’ until Adidas threaten suit over a similar named shoe.  So, in response, Nike named their groundbreaking shoe ‘The Cortez’ in reference to Hernán Cortés (insert history lesson on the unfortunate fate of the Aztecs due to Cortés). To us, this shoe represents a bold an audacious spirit that turns challenges into opportunities. Perfect for the people who have stuck their neck out to push NIGHT forward.

Who are these people you ask? Well, check out the ‘Cortez files’ where in 2018 we start profiling them. The first 5 are found below.

To the other NIGHT believers, big and small, I sincerely thank you. Thank you for every like, every review (good or bad), every dollar spent, every chance and effort that is given to make us better and push us forward. (insert prayer hand emoji).

Warmest Regards,

Kalle Simpson

The Cortez Files:

Mollie Riegger Keppler – nickname Big Rig

  • Relationship: Ride or Die Friend of Co-Founder
  • Highlights of contributions: model for NIGHT, guaranteed liker on social media, word of mouth extraordinaire, and made some connections happen at a little network called ABC.
  • Superlative: most likely to get in a bar fight for NIGHT 


Galina Vengerov – a.k.a the PD ninja. 



  • Relationship: Leads Product Development at NIGHT HQ
  • Highlights of contributions: one-of-a-kind product and unparalleled quality, sourcing wizard and absolute visionary in every way.  
  • Superlative: most likely to go to the end of the world for NIGHT (literally)


Emily Evans – a.k.a most popular girl in NYC 

  • Relationship: Ride-or-Die Friend turned face of the brand
  • Highlights of contributions: gogo WIFI account, the ULTIMATE connector with extremely beneficial people (all roads lead to Em), PR extraordinaire and obvi QVC superstar.
  • Superlative: most likely to make NIGHT famous 


Tenlie Mourning – nickname: TenTen


  • Relationship: Intern with a full-time job waiting for her at NIGHT upon graduation 
  • Highlights of contributions: Business Insider & NBC News placements, Email List Slayer and Aesthetic Genius
  • Superlative: most likely to become CEO of NIGHT


Maria McCool – a.k.a the QVC O.G. 

  • Relationship: QVC mentor
  • Highlights of contributions: the only reason why we found our way out of the QVC lobby and generally the secret sauce behind our success there. 
  • Superlative: most likely to have a bigger yacht than NIGHT



January 06, 2018 — Kalle Simpson