The Science Behind Beauty Sleep

The Science Behind Beauty Sleep

No beauty tool can beat a good night’s sleep. That’s the philosophy NIGHT was founded on. We create products that harness the power of sleep for better skin and hair while you rest. “Beauty sleep”—what a famous cliché. But now, there’s science to back up the NIGHT philosophy (though its not like we needed it).

 A new study has shown that 60% of people find that a good night’s sleep improves their appearance. And that those who can find a way to catch 9+ hours of the stuff per night see increased effectiveness of sleep on their looks.

Participants in the study reported these #killer stats:


44% of people reported improved overall demeanor

42% reported brighter eyes

21% reported brighter complexion

17% reported fewer wrinkles

11% improved skin condition

    Sleep expert Neil Robinson noted that a good night’s sleep might be the key to a “better appearance,” but you already knew that.

    Ready to look as good as you feel?


    Risers and Shiners: Lauren Berlingeri, The Wellness Guru

    Risers and Shiners: Lauren Berlingeri, The Wellness Guru

    Our mission at Discover NIGHT is simple: we want to help stand out people crush life by maximizing the night time. We draw our inspiration from these stand out individuals; those who refuse to accept mediocrity; those who wake up on a mission; those who want to be the best at whatever it is they do. It is the people who rise and shine that we work for and in this column, we hear from them.

     Lauren Berlingeri is the ultimate guru of all things health and wellness. Beyond her work as a model, fitness expert, and certified holistic nutritionist and health coach, Lauren is the co-founder of HigherDOSE in NYC. The NIGHT team recently experienced the natural high of HigherDOSE’s infrared saunas and it’s safe to say we are addicted.

    1. Average hours of sleep per night? 7-8 hours (I'm super happy when I get 8)
    2. Night owl or early riser? Early riser for sure. I’m actually useless past 9 PM!!!
    3. Matching pajama sets or anything goes? Anything goes…by that time I’m so tired I really could care less what I sleep in!
    4. Latest you’ve ever slept in? In the last few years, probably 10:30 AM max!!! I’m not great at sleeping in.
    5. What can you not sleep without? My boyfriend!!!
    6. Vivid dreams or no dream memory? No memory. Even when I wake up from a dream and I want to explain it to my boyfriend, I can’t because there is more of a feeling than a memory.
    7. What gets you out of bed every morning? Coffee!!! I make my own version of Bulletproof. It’s my favorite part of the day!
    8. Number of times you snooze the alarm? Never!! I can’t wait to get up. I often wake before my alarm goes off.
    9. First thing you do when you wake up? Drink water!
    10. What keeps you going all day? Passion for what I do at work. I’m an entrepreneur that lives in NYC which means I live to work. What I do for work is so gratifying and rewarding.


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