The ONLY Mother's Day Gift Guide You Need This Year

The ONLY Mother's Day Gift Guide You Need This Year

We would never claim to be perfect or all-knowing, but it there's one person we know in this is the MOM. The connection between NIGHT and Moms is deep and we feel strongly that Moms deserve to be spoiled every day with all of life’s luxuries...and ESPECIALLY on Mother’s Day.

So we take our Mother's Day selects seriously. Here is a round up our favorite silky products that will make any Mom feel extra special and appreciated!


For The New Mom – The NIGHT PILLOW

Sleep is a PRECIOUS thing for any New Mom, and every extra minute counts. Give the gift of deep, restorative sleep to that New Mom in your life who desperately needs it. The NIGHT Pillow, aka “the most comfortable pillow in the world,” features air light memory foam that self-adjusts to support every sleep position. It also comes with a custom-fit mulberry silk pillowcase that supports hydrated skin and healthy hair. It’s basically two gifts in one…and we all know a New Mom can appreciate multitasking.


For The Workout Obsessed Mom – 100% SILK THIN SCRUNCHIES

NIGHT’s BRAND NEW 100% Silk Thin Scrunchies are the perfect gift for the moms who are dedicated to squeezing a good sweat into their busy schedules! The Thin Scrunchies come in a pack of 6 gorgeous colors and are guaranteed to keep even the highest ponytail in place during a  workout. Not only do they get the job done, the Thin Scrunchies are made of 100% Mulberry silk, meaning no pulling, tugging, kinks, breakage or damage to hair!


For The WFH Mom – 100% SILK HEADBAND

For the mom whose days revolve around the all-seeing Zoom camera, NIGHT’s 100% Silk Headband is a must-have! The Work From Home Mom will greatly appreciate this instant good hair day solution. The 100% Silk Headband glides over hair with silky smoothness, but still keeps the desired hairstyle in place. Not only is this the easiest “good hair day” ever, but it also comes in giftable and eco-friendly packaging!


The Skincare Obsessed Mom – SKINCARE PILLOWCASE

If you’re shopping for the mom who is beyond committed to her 12-step skincare routine, the Skincare Pillowcase will be her new (and favorite) 13th step. Sleep and skincare go hand-in-hand, and the Skincare Pillowcase is the ULTIMATE gift for every skincare-obsessed mom! The benefits of the Dual-Sided Skincare Pillowcase are harnessed in its ability to enhance your skincare routine with a beauty boosting sleep surface. It allows you to pick the best sleep surface for your skin...every night. How? Side one is made of 100% mulberry silk, designed to support nourishment and moisture retention for normal/dry skin. Side two is made of 100% rayon from bamboo to wick moisture and oil, helping balance normal/oily skin.


The Back-To-Brunch Mom- SILK FACE MASK

Bottomless Mimosas, Spicy Bloody Mary’s, Vanilla French Toast… do we have to say more for the brunch deprived moms?! Now that it’s officially time to start brunching again, NIGHT’s 100% Silk Face Masks are here to provide safety & style for any mom! The 100% Silk Face Mask not only looks good and feels great, but it also possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is naturally hypoallergenic! This means the face mask will help to keep skin hydrated for long periods of time, prevent breakouts, and still look fabulous after washing.

4 Reasons to Love Tomorrow After Sleeping on a NIGHT Pillow

4 Reasons to Love Tomorrow After Sleeping on a NIGHT Pillow

Let us guess...

Your weekend was amazing and now you are dreading that early Monday morning alarm clock because it means a long work week ahead. #SAME. We get it.

But we are all about staying positive here at NIGHT HQ, so here are four reasons to look forward to waking up on Monday morning after sleeping on a NIGHT pillow.

1. Deep Sleep = High Functioning Brain

#Fact: The signature black hue of the NIGHT pillow is engineered to help boost melatonin production so you sleep deeply. You’ll wake up as 100% productive as your colleague who says she, “stayed at home and did laundry this weekend.”

2. No Morning Shame

Still had some residual makeup on from the wild weekend? Avoid the sad reminder of nights past as the black silk will work to hide any sign of it. Judgment-free wake up guaranteed. 

3. Hair On Point

We want you to snooze that alarm clock and catch extra Z's, which means your Sunday blow out needs to stay fresh to death for your Monday work day. Preserve your locks with the finest silk pillowcase on the market, that doesn’t cause frizz. The NIGHT pillow ensures you’re ready to be #flawless come 8am.

4. Signs of Exhaustion? Not here.

Maintain hydrated, youthful skin and hair with the NIGHT pillow, leaving you looking like you spent the weekend at the spa, drinking green tea and meditating. No dark circles, sleep creases, or split ends here.

#Sundayscaries are for people who don’t sleep with NIGHT. Beat them forever.


NIGHT Pillow = All Love

NIGHT Pillow = All Love

Whether you love it or not, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. And, finding the perfect way to show you care can be daunting.

Rest easy because as always NIGHT has your back (and neck). Here are 4 reasons the NIGHT Pillow™ is your solution no matter your V-Day sitch.

1. Fits in Any Diet:

NIGHT pillows

Many of us are still trying to keep up with our New Year’s health goals. And, who knows if that box of chocolate offers gluten free, diary free, vegan, kosher, or nut free options. The NIGHT Pillow™ is all of the above and it’s calorie free allowing more time in bed and less time at the gym.

2. Always the Right Size:

NIGHT pillows

We get it, you want your bae to feel sexy, but buying something like lingerie is risky. Go too big = dog house. Go too small = dog house. The  NIGHT Pillow's TriSilk pillowcase not only promotes healthier skin and hair so you look sexier, but its supple, luxurious texture will make you feel sexy as well. And, the air light memory foam self-adjusts to each individual’s anatomy for an easy one size fits all choice.

3. Love is Love:

NIGHT pillows

Maybe you are buying for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mama, pop, grandma, grandpap, daughter, son, sis, bro, bestie, or gayestie –it doesn't matter because NIGHT is appropriate for all! Designed with both women's and men's needs in mind it works for either sex, it can be doubled up for a perfect couple gift, and is the best way to comfort that single friend so they never spend another NIGHT alone.

4. Helps you Get Laid:

NIGHT pillows

 Let’s face it, we all want the same thing. And, the NIGHT Pillow is designed to help get yo sexy back in more ways than one. First, it promotes a deeper and more restorative rest, which according to a recent study at Kent State University, is critical to your libido. The study showed each additional hour of sleep is correlated with a 14% rise in the likelihood of having some type of sexual activity with a partner. Meaning, if you love them, help them sleep! Furthermore, the NIGHT Pillow™ was designed to make you look and feel your best making you #irresistible.


February 02, 2017 — Kalle Simpson